Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GLAMUP your EYES this summer!!!

GLAMUP your EYES this summer

summer is the time when everyone's sunny side comes to life. So this summer lets be little playful with colors from brights to pastels to muted but COLORS!!!
Try and play more colorful with eyes and everything else takes a back seat... so what one notices about you is a clean sheer complexion and lively playful eyes.
Here are some of my favorite must have eye color pencils make sure to have them in your kitty to glamup your look anytime -
melin 3in 1 eye pencil

023 aqua marine

Add this cool creamy dark green shade to give eyes cool glam look anytime.
Its a very inn shade this summer.

Product name Melin 3in 1 kajal / eyeliner pencil waterproof
shade code 023 Aqua marine.

Another very gorgeous shade thatz gonna rule this summer eyelook is peacock blue.


008 sky blue

Try this color from cameleon.

Shade code 008 sky blue.

Soft kohl kajal auto eyepencil.

This summer its about cooling off your summery look with one cool color combined with other summery shades and gal YOU WILL ROCK!!!
eye sparklers from elle 18

Try this sexy dark blue eye pencil on the low lashline and smudge to get that sultry smoky eye we all <3 .

blue blast

product name ELLE 18 eye sparklers
shade code blue blast.

melin 3in 1 eye pencil

Apply this creamy soft easy to glide brown eyepencil with a bright color e/s to get that bold yet sophisticated look at the same time!!!
002 chocolate


Product name melin 3in 1 eye pencil
shade code 003 chocolate.

gun powder

Get that sultry smoky eye in a sweep just by thickly lining your upper and low lash line with this beautiful gun powder shade after applying your fav. e/s and smudge and.. YOU ARE READY FOR SUMMERS!!


product name ELLE 18 eye sparklers
shade code gun powder.

See you soon next time.
Happy summers!!!
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