Monday, March 4, 2013

Lotus Pomegranate & Plum Energizing skin polisher Review, Pictures & Price

Lotus Pomegranate & Plum Energizing skin polisher Review | MillionDollarLooks Makeup & Beauty Blog

Lotus Pomegranate & Plum Energizing skin polisher

What Brand says:

Radiant skin, wrinkle protection in 1 minute.

PRICE : Rs245/- for 100 gm.

SHELF LIFE : 36 months

Ingredients : 

water ,glycerin fumed silica, plum seeds, pomegranate seeds, plum extracts, pomegranate extract, olive oil majorly.

My Experience with this skin polish: 

Hi Ladies,

Spring is here! soon will be the time to take all those lovely bright summery outfits. i am starting to prepare my skin from right now itself so that it can look soft and radiant in summer outfits and this skin polisher is my latest indulgence.


It has a plastic tub packaging with screw open cap which properly shuts every time.  Well I don't usually prefer tub packaging but as this one is a bath product so kind of works for me. But It's not the best one to carry while you travel for the very obvious reasons.

Color & Texture:

Lotus energizing body polish is plum in color and have  gel like texture with very fine exfoliating particles present that gently exfoliates skin.


This body polish may not be the best one when it comes to how it looks bit it visibly removes dead cells from the top layer of skin,leaving it softer and fresh. This polish is enriched with goodness of pomegranate that is well known for it's skin renewal properties by removing wrinkles and any chapped skin. Also it has Plum which due to the antioxidants present in it helps to prevent any further skin damage.

What it does?

I need a handful of this product, which I like to spread and then massage on damp skin. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells from the top layer of skin easily. It is not too abrasive so works for my dry sensitive skin.
After wash skin feels and looks not only well clean but brighter and luminous as well. All in all I find that it really helps in getting radiant skin as the exfoliation is very gentle thus can be used alternatively. Refular usage not only gives you smooth and clean skin but it also helps to improve blood circulation thus helps in building new cells and removing dead skin.


1) Removes dead skin cells.

2) Gives radiant glow.

3) Makes skin luminous with time.

4) Fights signs of ageing.

5) Suitable for all skin types.

6) Reduces fine lines

7) Combats ageing to reveal luminous skin.


none :)

Would i buy again?  yes 100%

Overall Rate:  4.8/5 ( because there is always a chance for improvement).

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