Thursday, April 25, 2013

VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial kit

VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial kit Review

Company claim : 

For blemish free fairer complexion. this unique kit lightens blemishes, minimizes enlarged pores and fades superficial pigmentation.
also provides even skintone and fairer complexion.

net content :

100gm for 195 1+1 free

Kit Includes :

Vlcc papaya seed scrub - 10gm * 2

cucumber gel           - 10gm * 2

peach massage cream    - 10gm * 2

orange anti tan pack   - 10gm * 2

green apple skin guard - 10gm * 2

Shelf life : 3 yr.

My experience with this kit :

In the begining of the 2013, with many resolutions my one resolution was to really care for my skin to make it more flawless :).
but with time gone, many resolutions are gone too.. but this one is one of the few am still keeping up further continuing with my resolution i bought this facial kit.
though i have tried this facial a couple of times in saloon, but then what can be better than pampering yourself at the comfort of home :)

I also have a video demonstration of this facial click here to watch.

okay  basically it is a 5 step facial :

1) Papaya seed scrub :

this scrub has papain and papaya seeds that helps to remove dead skin cells and pigmentation.

it is a white grainy powder with papaya seeds and walnut grains.

once paste is made it almost feels like rubbing sand on face, but it is really indulging and gentle.

2) Cucumber gel :

this has cucumber, watermelon and aloe vera extract that in clearing blemishes, have cooling and healing properties.

it has this nice golden yellow color.

apply allover face and neck and let it stay for 20 minutes and wipe off.

it instantly delivers glow and made my skin supple babylike.

3)  Peach massage cream :

now this one is alike any usual massage cream thick, creamy.

white in color has peach extract and richness of cocoa butter.( cocoa is known for its deep conditioning and moisturising properties whereas peach are high in vitamin A & C).
but i noticed, in its key ingredients silicon blend is mentioned( now i m scared :0 )

but surely it makes skin brighter. till now i have used this facial twice and i can say it is working, because i can see my skin glowing and brighter slightly( no complements yet ;p)

4) Anti tan pack :

i loveee its smell yummy... somehow smells like glucon C. white color paste does exactly what a normal face pack does, imparts a nice healthy glow once washed off.

5) Green apple skin guard lotion :

this lotion is to be applied once done with your facial, to retain the moisture and suppleness.

as the name tells, it has green apple extract and also smells delicious like green apple( i soooo love this lotion <3).

it is nice nourising, completely absorbed by skin.

no oiliness or dryness just fresh soft skin( wonder if it is available otherwise, i mean in a bottle or something).


1) Perfect kit for at home facials.

2) Good quality at best prices.

3) Pampers skin making it soft supple and brighter.

4) one sachet last upto two facials( that means one can do 4 facials with this kit). MONEY SAVER!!!

5) Brightens, evensout and gives glow to skin.


1) Just one that its peach cream has Silicon :(


Decent kit for at home skin indulgence, definetly brightens and makes skin glow( cant say about pigmentation now as i need to continue its use for that because everything takes times no magic).

Overall rating :


would i buy again?

yes, because its nice and also want to see its results on long run.

hope you gals find this post helpful! do letme know what you have to say about this kit or if any other kit that good enough :)

lots of goodluck


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