Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maybelline Dream touch blush in 05

Maybelline Dream touch blush in 05 Review + swatches

what company claims :

Price and Quantity :

375/- for 7.5 gm

Shelf life : 12 months from open

My experience with maybelline dream blush in shade 05

firstly its packaging, this comes in a little glass jar with a plastic cap ( very much similar to dream mousse blush).

the texture is quite satin like in touch. I can literally feel my finger glide on it.It is creamy but not at all thick. coming to this particular shade, when i see it in the jar, it looks like a soft muted pink color.

but once its on my finger, it looks more like a nude pink. once blended, i noticed it has shine and on skin it looks like a baby doll pink.(do i make sense ;p )

it has a lot of shine. though i dont like too much shine in a blush( because common we have highlighters and bronzers for that).

good thing is, it is quite pigmented and lightweight and blends smoothly. but i would have liked it more without all that shine.

this shade is suited more for the occasion, when you want soft pink shiny cheeks. deeper skinned ones, can also use it as a rosy highlighter.


1) Nice creamy texture, easy to blend.

2) it is light weight,does not feel heavy.

3) nicely pigmented.

4) satin touch feel.


 This has too much shine :(


WORTH a try if you prefer shiny blushes. I wont buy this again.

RATING : 3/5

i hope you find this post helpful. have you tried this or any other shade from the range, do share your experience here.

good luck!!!

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