Saturday, June 29, 2013

Huge Handbag Haul!! India, Singapore, Tashkent (uzbekistan)

Huge Handbag Haul!! India, Singapore, Tashkent (uzbekistan)

Hi girls

Shopping is something that gives me pleasure and that... ohhh satisfied!!! feeling and for sometimes it proves to be a mood booster( no everytime ;p ) i know almost every women on this planet feels that way!!! :)
so here is my latest shopping indulgence:

video on my youtube channel click here

and some BONUS pics enjoy:

Now the bag shown above , is my favorite out of all and it is from cherri, i shopped this from

this green bag is actually a gift from my mom ( i luv u mamma ), she got it from Ritu Wears.

and this cute little bag(below) is a purchase from little india, Singapore. its perfect to carry along for evening..when i dont have too many things to carry with me. made of chinese brocade fabric very similar to our ethnis potli bags. i actually got 5 or 6 similar bags but in different colors for gifting :)

and finally..the last three bags are purchased from Tashkent, capital city of Uzbekistan and i love all these awesome threesome haha..

thats all the bags i got, hope you enjoyed this post... now i am off as i have to decide on what to wear for evening.. yay going for a movie late evening "raanjhna" :) what you are planning for the weekend???

have a funfilled weekend gurllls

stay gorgeous!!
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