Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NYX HD Photogenic concealer in cw11 Lavender

NYX HD Photogenic concealer in cw11 Lavender review + swatch

What company Claims:

Good for all skin types and softens lines. Its light diffusing effect is perfect for photos in the stusio or for taking fun pix with your pals!

Price & Quantity:

475/-INR for 3g


My experience with the product:

I have this concealer wand in the shade lavender, which basically is a color correcting concealer that helps to color correct shallow skin/ dull skin area.

Packaging is similar to a lipgloss, open it up and you see this wand with a sponge tip. Though the sponge tip is not very fluffy and slightly pointed that helps to point the targeted area and applies the product just there.

This has a lavender color as the name tells and comes in liquid formation with a texture thats slightly chalky to touch. A little is just what you need to color correct, apply this anymore and you endup looking like a ghost.

Also this dries real quick so my recommendation would be to work fast with this. My skin at the corners of forehead is shallow and i tell you, this wand correct that area so well. Firstly i struggled using this, but later on got the trick.

I have dry skin and this concealer is also quite drying so if you have similar skin type never miss on moisturizing before this. Only issue i have is with the fragrance. this has a weird smell of a paint( quite similar to revlon colorstay liquid smell), but that goes off real quick so can be ignored.


1) Its a high definition one.

2) Paraben free, Cruelty free, Lead free.

3) Water proof, Hypoallergic.

4) Color corrects shallow skin nicely.

5) Value for money.


1) Is not fragrance free.

2) Dries too quickly.

3) can be drying if applied without moisturize.

Verdict : A magic wand for color correcting shallow skin area.

Overall Rate:


Do let me know if any of have tried some other shade. 

I will see you gals soon...

Stay happy <3
shipra (makeupmirrornme)

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