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Nyx Glitter Cream Palette in GCP II Ocean Breeze Review

Nyx Glitter Cream Palette in GCP II Ocean Breeze Review

What company claims : 

NYX Glitter Cream Palette is a Multipurpose gel-based glitter combination in a pallet. NYX Glitter Cream Palette comes with 5 shades of glitter, 2 applicators with 3 sponge tips and 1 brush tip. Apply to eyes, lips and face - anywhere you want that sparkling effect! 

Price & Quantity:

650/- INR for 10g.


My Experience with the product:

I bought this glitter cream palette a while back( approx. 1 year back) tempted with these sexy glitter in oceanic hues. Here's what i have to say -


This one is a very sleek looking, rectangular palette with a 3/4th see through cap that opens towards the top side. Inside it has five very gorgeous colors with a transparent lid over them and two double sided little applicators( that generally comes with every palette).


The shades look very pigmented makes me tempted enough to try. All the colors are based on oceanic theme as the name suggest  and pretty gorgeous.

I bought this as i love all the shades in this palette and obviously for the glitter love and above that its a cream glitter palette, assuming there will be no fallout.

They are all pretty shades but to my surprise, i find they are really not that easy to apply or sometimes a mess. As i mentioned, glitter are cream based and to my surprise they are more slippery than creamy. So if you want full glitter loaded eyes, you better don't use your finger for this( I personally love to apply creamy shadows with my fingers) because all the glitter you see is left on your finger and slippery mess on the eye and more you try it, more you mess it. Though if you wish to have just a hint of glitter on eyes than its fine to work with finger.
see the difference in the pic below( first swatch i did with sponge applicator & second with finger).

so, How to apply?

No eyeshadow brush will either be useful with them but to my surprise what really works with them are these little applicators( that i generally call useless) but still have patience while working with them ane apply with feather light hands, else everything will slip just towards direction you are sweeping the applicator.


I have to say every shade in this palette is nothing less than super sexy and gorgeous, letting you create soft to dramatic glittery eyes.


Finally coming to the price stuff, the palette is priced for 650/-. I bought this from closed) at some discount. Its rightly priced for such sexy palette, no issues with that but than that slippery application makes me hate it sometimes.


1) Super gorgeous shades.

2) Sleek & travel friendly packaging.

3) Cream based no fall outs.

4) Cruelty free/ hypoallergic.

5) Perfect for creating sexy eye looks.


1) Slippery to touch.

2) Not easy application really.

3) Takes patience to create glitter loaded eyes.

Verdict: OWN IT! if you have this lovey dovey thing for glitters.

Overall rate:


see you all next time..
Good night
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