Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tvam Scrub & Body Polisher apricot & walnut review

Tvam Scrub & Body Polisher apricot & walnut review

What company complains :

TVAM Apricot & Walnut Face Scrub Body Polisher enhances the skin tone and smoothness, it will stimulate fresh cell growth that will help keep the skin radiant and revitalised. You can now say goodbye to blackheads and unclogs pores

Price & Quantity :

988/- for 100g

Shelf life : 

3 yr.

My experience with this product:

I got this product in my june vellvette box in 30gm small size ( its also available in 100 gm pack as well). After a month long use,here is what i have got to say about this:

Packaging - 

This comes in a transparent plastic jar with a screw type cap that has the branding, product name and quantity mentioned on it.

On the back side, it has a list of ingredients, manufacturing & expiry date and also has a plastid lid cover inside( that i have lost). Overall packaging is average, i still would prefer tube over a jar.

Product -

Once open, first thing that grabs attention is the scent. This is highly scented with a aqua fragrance. Though i generally do not prefer fragrance in products but i love aqua, lemony fragrance specially in bath products as they tend to relax senses and make me indulge & enjoy more.

Its a thick creamy product with walnut & apricot grainy exfoliating extracts that are well known for their exfoliating properties. as i said its grainy like any other walnut & apricot scrub so exfoliates really well. What is more good is the thick creme that tends to massage while exfoliating.

I prefer to use this body scrub randomly at one day gap on my body,so its 3-4 days a week. As its quite thick and creamy, too much of the product is not needed. Once after the bath, it gives that completely clean skin without dryness and the scent lingers on for a while.. making you smell delicious ;p

Pros :

1) Has skin nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, almond oil.

2) Has relaxing fragrance.

3) Apricot & walnut helps to exfoliate well.

4) Is quite creamy.

Cons :

1) This kind of packaging has hygiene issue.

2) Pricey for a apricot scrub.

Verdict - worth a try!

Overall Rate :

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