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How to choose the best foundation.

How to choose the best foundation.

Women love to glam up for special occasions and makeup plays the key role in this dolling up session. But many of us struggle in this department especially foundation. It’s a prerequisite to choose the right foundation, before we learn how to apply foundation. No matter how well you are dressed, a wrong choice of foundation may ruin all the efforts you put for dressing up.

In this post we will first learn the prerequisite, how to choose the best foundation for different needs & skin types and afterwards i will start a series on how to apply different type of foundation with various techniques.

Now let's start with the foundations first:

Foundations can be sectioned into 3 categories: 

1. Coverage
2. Formulation
3. Finish

1. Coverage -

Foundations can be chosen based on what type of coverage one needs for different time of the day and occasion -
a. Sheer Coverage
b. Light Coverage
c. Medium Coverage
d. Full Coverage

Sheer Coverage -

Sheer coverage foundations are best for those or for the time when you desire an eventoned face but still want your natural complexion to show through. Foundations with sheer coverage gives you more of an eventone look rather than coverage and looks really natural.

This kind of foundation is best for those blessed with good skin without much problems as this does not cover any marks, spots or other skin issues. Also if you do not like to wear heavy foundation, this is best for you.

Light Coverage -

Foundations with light coverage, are a better choice for those who want a little coverage as this range of foundations provides some coverage but still does not give made up look. As the coverage is light, they don't feel heavy and are comfortable to wear.

Medium Coverage -

Foundations in this category provides medium coverage, ofcourse one can build up or sheer down coverage depending upon individual needs. These are good when you want to hide/ cover/ conceal any dark spots, marks & pigmentation. They really cover flaws well and don't feel too heavy. Just make sure you are buying the one, meant for your skin type.

Full Coverage -

Full coverage foundations are best for special occasions, parties when you want to fake a flawless airbrushed skin. As they are heavy/full coverage they cover every flaws very well, the trick is to blend seamlessly. Also they come out amazing in photographs. These are recommended only for parties, other special events and not generally as they are heavy and can clog pores with everyday use.

2. Formulation -

By formulation, foundations can be further categorized into  -
a. Liquid/ water based
b. Cream based
c. Oil based
d. Gel/ silicon based
e. Powder based

Liquid/ water based foundations are the most recommended and popular ones as they master everything either its coverage or flawless look and do not feel too heavy. You can get foundations with different type of coverage in this category. There is a variety to choose from for different skin types.

Cream and oil based foundations are heavy as compared to liquid water based foundation and thus can be found in the medium to full coverage category. These are best suitable for normal to dry skin. As the foundations in this category are heavy build so are not recommended for regular use as they can clog pores.

Gel and silicon based formulations gives poreless flawless finish to the face and have light weight feel to them. while gel based ones are more suitable for oily skin as they matify the skin but are a big no no for very dry skin. Whereas silicon based one are perfect for when you want an airbrushed poreless amazingly flawless complexion and most of them gives dewy finish to the face.

Powder based foundations are very in and quite a rage as they are really quick to apply. Just pat a little and you are ready to go. No dotting, spreading just apply like you apply a compact and you are done. These can also be used to layer upon another foundation for better coverage. Powder foundations are best for quick makeup application when you are running out of time or for when just don’t want to do much effort but still look flawless.

3. Finish -

Foundations can further be categorized into the finishes they provide. Finish are always clearly mentioned on the packaging to help you choose the right one.

a. Natural finish
b. Matte finish
c. Dewy finish
d. Semi matte
e. Satin finish

Everyone wants to have a naturally flawless face, so foundations with natural finish are the most sought after ones. As they have natural finish to them, you will notice they give sheer, light to light-medium coverage.

Matte finish foundations are best for oily skin as they help to keep the face oil free and mattifies for a flawless fresh complexion. Matte finish is loved by everyone because this looks amazing in photographs as well. almost every skin type can use it but people with dry skin should really avoid this category as this type of foundation can further dry up their already dry skin, making it look cakey and can also set into their expression lines, resulting in a more matured face.

Dewy finish foundations are perfect for those whose skin lacks dewiness. So if you love that supple dewy skin but does not have one i bet this kind of foundations are made for you. Perfect for achieving that dewy glow skin finish. This finish is best suitable for dry skin as it lacks dewiness naturally. Almost every skin type may use it, if they wish to have a dewy finish to the skin but oily skin type should really avoid foundations with this type of finish as their skin already have that oil, so obviously more shine is not need.

Semi matte finish foundations can easily be seen in the market. These are meant for those who wish to have something in between matte and dewy. This kind of finish gives your facial skin a perfect balanced look which means it is neither too matte nor too dewy but a balance  between the two finishes. Foundations with this type of finish may suit any skin type. Just don't forget to match the perfect shade for you.

Satin finish can be achieved with foundations having pearl irredecents or tiny shimmer particles. Almost anybody can use it. This type of finish is occasion based rather than skin type based because this type of foundations are meant for special events. Everyone love to have a satin like skin for that starry glow for special occasions, this is the answer for that. But remember it is recommended for special occasions only.

In this article, we have discussed how to choose the perfect foundation for different skin types and needs. There are some other things too that should be kept in mind while shopping for a foundation : The right shade and the staying power

It’s very important to choose the correct match for your skin tone. Don't get your shade matched in showroom light, every shade looks pretty their instead go out in the natural light and see how it looks. Also keep your mind clear about the staying power, be sure how many duration you want your makeup to stayput and shop accordingly.

Do let me know how you find this article, in the comment section. 
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