Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mid September Haul Part 2 - SHOES

Mid September Haul Part 2 - SHOES


Here i am with the second part of mid september haul and its a shoe haul :)

I love to wear pumps specially with high heels. I relate heels with power, weird i know but seriously i think that way and i love the sound of my heels when i walk hehe Femenity +Power = Killer combo my formula :p
ok enough now :D

Getting back to the topic...I shopped these three shoes recently.

First one you see is a purchase from Ritu Wears. These are elegant nude color high heel sandals with a zip closure on the back for fit and support. Ofcourse they are not very comfy for everyday wear but great pick for evening.

Second you see are more sort of a formal pair. This i bought from woodland showroom itself. I never have enough of blacks :) The heels are medium high and comfortable for office purpose.

and The last one is from Nell, it is a purchase from Are not they Hot :D

Thats it!Here end my haul's last part. Which one is your pick among these? Let me know.

Happy Sunday!
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