Monday, October 21, 2013

Maybelline Color Show 008 Bold Gold

Maybelline Color Show 008 Bold Gold

Price & Quantity:

75/-INR for 6ml

Shelf life:

 36 months

Today i am showing my favorite shade 008 Bold Gold from maybelline recently launched color show range.

Starting with the packaging, this has a glass cylindrical shaped bottle with a plastic screw open cap in black color with a sticker mentioning its brand while on top shade number and name is provided.This is a cute little bottle containing 6 ml of the product. Now looking at the quantity they have given for 75/- indian rupee i must say its very affordable and not to forget the tons of shades to choose from.

The 008 Bold Gold is a pure gold color in satin- metal like finish. The color is just so glamorous and chic that i call it liquid gold. On my nails you can see how pretty the color is just pure gold, here i would like to mention that i am just wearing one single coat of the nail polish without any base and top coat. Looking at the intensity of the color with just single coat i am just amazed, no doubt on parameters of color, intensity and finish this will get 10/10 from me.

But there is one more parameter to check on a nail paint that is how long lasting it is? To test its lasting power i applied this shade without the base and top coat to test how it stays on its own. To my surprise i noticed it chipped a little on the second day itself which was of course not what i was expecting. so this shade is undoubtedly not long lasting but surely it will last a little longer with a base and top coat. But still considering the price, the color range, the finish and color intensity factor i can really overlook at its one con.

Overall Rate:


Verdict: Its like applying liquid gold, Love this color!!

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