Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sunday shots : My Day In Pics!!

Sunday shots : My Day In Pics!!

Hey Girlies!!

This time i thought of doing slightly different sort of post than i usually do. As mentioned in the title,  i m doing a my day in pics. so here is what i shot while having some good time on sunday, enjoy and yeah it is going to be a picture heavy post....

 Find peace at sanchi stupa.. never really gone inside but its a beautiful sight surely.

 The lush greenries around India Gate circle.

On the way towards Janpath.

All the pictures you have seen above were shot while sitting in a moving car so quality is not so great bear with me :p

Meet my camera, Is he my best buddy? lolz.

The Janpath market, mostly all shops are closed on sundays so you get to see  more of handicrafts sellers on footpaths selling awesome stuff. But sharpen your bargaining skills before you buy something from them.

I saw these awesome rings in the Janpath flea market lane. Aaah they are cute pieces just for 50/- INR each.

 The necklace heaven!! Whats your pick?

This store Tantra sells some awesome tees, do check them out if you Love tees. and did you noticed there tag line " India on a t- shirt". awesome.

So many pigeons in the middle of  the traffic thats the charm of C.P.

A shot of the road towards Rastrapati bhavan... I love this place.

A lovely sunset and the soldiers always alert...

Haaah...me finally. This place has its own charm between i am wearing Maybelline Mat 4 onmy lips in case anybody is interested :p

The view of India Gate from Rastrapati bhavan side.

And thats it everyone i really hope you enjoyed this super picture heavy post.Do letme know what you think in the comment section below.

See you next time....
Have fun
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