Monday, November 25, 2013

Kryolan Eyelashes TV2 review

Kryolan Eyelashes TV2 review

What company claims:

Fine, naturall eyelashes fill the length of your own lashes elegantly. The Upper Eyelashes are 100% handmade.
Type: Full lashes, V-shaped knotted
Form: Ellipsed Curve
Material: Human Hair


200/- INR
Made in Indonesia

My Experience with this product:

Today's review is on lashes from one of my favorite brand Kryolan. They have been my favorite lashes since looong time and i already own ten pair of these and bought two more a few months back. So lets see how this product is:

This has a grey cover packaging that is cut out in eyelash shape so that one can see the lashes through this. Detail about how to use, item number and price tag is provided on the back side. The casing is made of plastic with a see through cap.
Overall the packaging is good and keeps the lashes safe.

Kryolan TV2 eyelashes are long, flattering and more towards the natural side. Made of human hair that are thin but still have some body. These are shaped similar like the natural lashes. short at the inner part, medium at the outer part and longest in the center, this kind of shape helps to open up eyes ans is perfect for achieving naturally flattering romantic lashes look.

Lashes hair are aligned in a way that overall makes the lashes appear more long and natural but not thick. Cut in a zig - zag pattern so finely that its actually not noticeable but this kind of pattern helps the lashes to blend in well with the natural lashes, so what you finally get are natural looking long flattering eye lashes.
The eyelash band is also thin build so they don't appear once the lashes are On!

These are good quality, reusable and are available at a very affordable price. To make them last long you need to just wash them properly after use and keep them in the casing.

Here's how they look on me:


1) Affordable
2) Good quality
3) Safe packaging
4) Washable/reusable
5) Gives natural looking long lashes


1) Does not come with a glue
2) Availability



Verdict: They are good quality, affordable and perfect for achieving natural looking long and flattering eyeslashes.

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