Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nailart Of the Day Delicate Fantasy

Nailart Of the Day Delicate Fantasy

Hey Everyone

Today i am sharing another nail art that am currently wearing on my nails. I named this delicate fantasy as this is what i can think of when looking at my nail design...melange of two soft colors and just a hint of gold dots starting from the tip and going till the mid way.. does not it defines soft fantasy :)

Here are the pictures, enjoy

Along with a dotting tool below are the products i used to create this nail art:
1. Maybelline Colorama in Brillo
2. Maybelline Colorama in Coralchic
3. Maybelline Colorama in Bale classico
4. Maybelline Colorshow in Bold Gold

Let me know how you find this in the comment section below
Till i see you next time..
Shipra (makeupmirrornme YouTube)
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