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Fab India charcoal face scrub review

Fab India charcoal face scrub review

What company claims:

Charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities. Pack containing charcoal, uses multani mini as its base. It absorbs dirt and oil from the pores, leaving skin cleaner and healthier.


Price & quantity:

250/- INR for 100 ml.
Best use: 36 months.

My experience with this product:

This scrub comes packed in a translucent plastic tub with a screw open cap and there is another plastic lid for safety. Generally i don't prefer tub but for this scrub i think it is just perfect.Once opened first thing that pleases my senses is the calming fragrance of lemon grass and something... i know but unable to recognize, it's very calming and refreshing.

The scrub is a ash color one in a whipped mousse kind of texture which is quite thick. Smooth to apply it has tiny grains which can not be seen but they are finely grinded and are not at all harsh even on my dry skin yet  good enough to give a nice exfoliation to the facial skin.

How to apply:

Though the instructions are provided on the pack itself but personally i like to apply a thin layer of this on my entire face and neck and keep it there for 2-3 minutes like a facepack so that the ingredients can work better on my skin. Then i splash little water, massage and rinse.

Result is a squeaky clean, refined skin. I don't have any skin issues currently other than a few white heads on my nose and this really helps me to get rid of those. This scrub literally clears out pores giving radiant smooth complexion though it slightly dries out my skin so i follow it up with a good moisturizing creme. If you have dry sensitive skin like i do, i recommend to use this just once a week. For oily skin it may be used twice a week. There is no information provided on how many times to use this on the pack though.

Coming to the quantity, as i said this scrub has thick consistency so you require very less amount each time which assures that one can use this 100 ml tub for 4-5 months easily that in my point of view makes it very pocket friendly too.


1. Calming fragrance.
2. Enough quantity, value for money.
3. Gives radiant, clear complexion.
4. Helps to get rid of dirt & refine pores.
5. Skin looks soft, squeaky clean.


1. Tub packaging is not very hygienic for obvious reasons.
2. Not travel safe as it's quite bulky.
3. Can be little drying.

Overall rate: 4/5

Verdict: Its a complete value for money pack that delivers squeaky clean skin everytime i use it. A must try!!

Hope this review helps while making your purchase decisions. Have you tried this scrub yet? Let me know in the comment section below.

See you next time...
Stay blessed!!
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