Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Faballey's Jewelbox November 2013 edition!!

Faballey's Jewelbox November 2013 edition!!

Hey Everyone,

Today i am doing a post on faballey's jewelbox november edition. I ordered this last month on 28th november they start dispatching the boxes from 15th of next month so i got this today itself in morning. I ordered the casual box. Whatever month it is, you can choose between classic, casual, glamour and boho. Each box is worth 2000/- INR which you get for just 1000/-INR.

I noticed they have started, within 24 hour shipping facility from this month (december). Let's see what i got:

The black box came wrapped in a transparent plastic sheet and properly sealed with packaging tape. The box in itself is quite big and spacious enough to use it later for keeping some stuff.

First thing i saw were these cute tissue fabric pouches that are given to keep the jewelry pieces. Two are deep purple color and the little one i got is in light purple color.

Each box have three piece of jewelry that can be a neckpiece, earring, bracelet, this basically depends upon box to box every month. I got two necklace and one bracelet in casual box november. As you can see every piece of jewelry came separate & properly bubble wrapped. So overall the look of the box and packaging is pretty good.

Here is what i got:

1. Choker necklace

2. Black moustache bracelet 

3. Double layer spiked necklace

Overall i liked the two neck pieces but am disappointed with the quality of bracelet, it chain quality is like air light and does not look as how a pricey bracelet should actually look. you now it looks low quality though i find this cute.

How to order:
To order this you need to answer a fun quiz and once its completed they suggest you a box among casual, boho, classics, glam according to the choices you made in the quiz. But still you can choose any of the four boxes whichever you like.

Click here for more information.

Overall i am okay with this month box and would have been happier if the quality of the bracelet was a little better.
Let me know what you think about these boxes in the comment section below.
Stay blessed
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YouTube)

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