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Lakme face sheer sun kissed tropical island review and swatches

Lakme face sheer sun kissed tropical island review and swatches

What company claims:

Lakme Face sheer is a sun soaked pigment that highlights and tint your face tone. The powder can be tapped by the sponge over your face and as you rub slightly over your cheeks and back. It blends readily to give you a bright, cleaner tone and a shimmer that you need for the evening.  A subtle make-up trick in that round bottle which wraps your blemishes or spots easily; This is indeed a must make up kit essential for young ladies and females who desire a beautiful texture, firm and soft shimmer over their cheeks.

Price & quantity:

350/-INR for 4 g


My experience with this product:

This comes in a shiny silver and copper color cover which contains all the details about ingredients list to expiry date on one side and on other side it has a summary about the product and how to use it. The cover is quite blingy. The packaging is a round transparent tub with a big round push to open cap in gold color that has a plastic mirror on top. The cover is really blingy thou i like the tub its very expensive looking.

This has a round fluffy sponge attached on the gold ring on the mouth of the tub, which is suppose to be twisted leftward to open and towards right to close. Once opened, dust it gently and the pigment comes out.

This is a loose pigment basically. The color is pink gold sun kissed and the pigment quality is very fine that blends beautifully with the skin providing a gorgeous sun kissed look to where ever it is applied. Face sheer is basically a multipurpose product which can be used to highlight a particular feature, for sun kissed goddess like skin as a bronzer on face, body, collarbone or where ever one wants. This is highly pigmented which is a good thing but as its a loose pigment, you have to be careful while using it, always start with little and layer more if needed until and unless you want to look like bathed in gold :D

Coming to the longevity, it does not disappoint here too as this is quite long lasting but one condition, make sure it blends beautifully and it will last really long without any fallout.


1. The gold packaging makes it really posh.
2. Beautiful shade.
3. Gives sun kissed/goddess like effect.
4. Fine quality.
5. Blends well.
6. Very pigmented.


1. Care is needed on application.

Overall rate:


Verdict: What you need is a little dab of this and you get that gorgeous sun kisses look!! Those who love sun kissed skin, complexion may surely give this a try!!

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