Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My favorite lip care products/ lip balms

My favorite lip care products/ lip balms

Hey Everyone,
In today's post i am sharing some of my favorite lip care products or lip balms. My lips needs a lot of care during the winter season specially else they tend to get dry and chapped very easily so to avoid that i always make sure to keep them nourished and hydrated always and these are the lip balms that helped me doing that. I may forget to keep my lip color in my bag but i never forget to carry one or two of these lip balms where ever i am whether i am out or whether i am home or on my bedside table at night time, these babies are my lips best friends :D

1. Maybelline Babylips in Cherry kiss

2. Figs & Rouge Aloe and mint balm

3. The Body Shop born lippy Strawberry

4. Sierra Bees organic Pomegranate lip balm

5. Lipice Sheer color Natural lip conditioner

6. Lipice color Naughty orange

So, these are the lip products i swear by. What are yours? Let me now in the comment section below, let's gelp each other discovering some more awesome lip products :D

Wish you all a merry christmas
Shipra(makeupmirrornme Youtube)
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