Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tribal Inspired Nail art: Notd and Tutorial !

Tribal Inspired Nail art: Notd and Tutorial !

Hey Everyone,

I started this month with an tribal nail art notd and one of my blogger friend asked for the tutorial on this, so here i am with a step by step picture tutorial this time.

Step 1
Apply a clear base coat.
Step 2
Next apply one coat or two coat of Bourjois So laque! 13 Rose lounge.

Now follow step by step as shown in the pics below:
Step 3
With a striker and red paint  make a  V shape flipped down.

Step 4
Make a thin line bordering the red with a green.

Step 5
With the  same green color create vertical stripes on the red with the help of a striker.

Step 6
Next create another medium thick line above red with a white paint.

Step 7
With a dotting tool make black dots upon white line. Also draw one black horizontal line above white as shown.

Step 8
Next take yellow nail paint and with the help of a striker draw another horizontal line above the black and also use the same yellow color to border green line. This is how it should look now:

Step 9
With a orange paint and striker, paint the nail tip orange in a horizontal line. Also create a border line above white.

Step 10
Next use a white color paint and make dots in a line and all fill in the left space with white.

Step 11
With a green color on striker paint the left area above diagonal orange line. Also make a green dot on the white V shape area.

That's it we are done with a Q tip and nail paint remover clean any mess around the nails. Here is the final result:

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