Thursday, January 16, 2014

Garnier Fructis smoothing serum silky straight 24/7 review

Garnier Fructis smoothing serum silky straight 24/7 review

What company claims:

Smoothes hair to make it silky, detangles and gives radiant shine.




100 ml

Best use:

Before 36 months


My take on the product:

Hello Everyone,
On today's post i will be sharing my views on a hair serum from garnier that claims 24/7 straight silky hair. Lets find out how well it survived its claims.


This comes in a transparent green color plastic bottle with a leaf green color flip to open cap. Packaging is good in terms, you can see through the bottle how much quantity is left in bottle, it is leak proof also but looking at the size of the bottle i personally won't carry this in my bag but yes if available in smaller size it would definitely be great for carrying along too to add a shine touch up in case needed.

Quality,Texture and Finish:

The serum is clear and light in weight. Its quite glossy and feels like oil on hands maybe because it has goodness of fruit oils but it is not at all sticky. Once applied on hair, it does not leave even a trace of serum on hands which is great. The serum is absorbed by hair real quick giving shiny manageable hair and also helps to detangle them.
What i do not prefer about the serum, is it's very strong fragrance that i personally find disturbing to senses yaa i have a sensitive nose :p

Quantity and Affordability:

Now as i mentioned above 100 ml of quantity costs 199/- INR, my hair are knee length long and normal, i was them every third day and apply this after every wash. I am using this bottle from last 4-5 months and as can be seen in the pictures, 3/4 portion of the serum is still left. So overall this much of the quantity would easily last for over one year or so (depending upon individual hair length) making this product affordable and very much value for money buy.


My hair are naturally straight and frizz free, so i really can't say anything about this claim.


1) Value for money
2) Good quality and packaging
3) Makes hair manageable
4) Gives healthy shine
5) Makes hair more shiny
6) Contains fruit oil


1) Very strong fragrance

Overall rate:


Verdict: A good quality, value for money product that does its job. Not the best, not the worst but good and very affordable.

See you all in the next post..
Till then
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)
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