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Kryolan professional quality eyelashes TV3 review

Kryolan professional quality eyelashes TV3 review 

What company claims:

Powerful, extra-long eyelashes, with a beautiful swing that emphasize the look naturally. The Upper Eyelashes are 100% handmade.

Type: Full lashes, linked parallel
Form: Ellipsed Curve
Material: Human Hair


Made in Indonesia

Hello Everyone
Today's review is on another pair of eyelashes from my favorite brand Kryolan. These are named TV3 eyelashes, earlier i have reviewed TV2 lashes here. Lets find out how it fair :

This has a grey cover packaging that is cut out in eyelash shape so that one can see the lashes through this. Detail about how to use, item number and price tag is provided on the back side. The casing is made of plastic with a see through cap.Overall the packaging is good and keeps the lashes safe.

The eyelashes are made of natural hair, The hair length is shortest at the inner part, longest at the center and again short at the outer part, making a flattering curve. The hair are given zig-zag pattern(not easily visible though) that makes these fake eyelashes blend with your natural lash hair so they appear more natural.

Kryolan TV3 eyelashes are a perfect add on to get those sought after long flattering lashes and to add some drama to the eyes. The hair in this eyelash are way more dense and thick compared to the TV2 eyelashes. The band is neither too thick nor too thin but something that can be easily hidden by applying eyeliner above this. But i really wish if they were available with almost invisible band.

The eyelash quality is very superior and i really admire how every product from kryolan has such high standards whether it is about the quality, its the packaging or anything in general. I also love how they have priced their product comparable to the price of any drugstore brand.. amazing!

These Eyelashes are easy on maintenance too, these can be cleansed easily with warm water easily and reusable ofcourse.

I would recommend these eyelashes for adding some drama to a night makeup, party look but not for day time general purpose though it is completely an individual choice how and where one wants to wear them right? I wore these eyelashes Here. and if you wish to see the tutorial on the makeup i am wearing in the picture below..

 here it is:


1) Great quality product.
2) Good and safe packaging.
3) Easy on maintenance.
4) Reusable/ washable.
5) Very affordable.



Overall Rate:


Verdict: Kryolan TV3 eyelashes are perfect add on for those gorgeous flattering looks, superior professional quality at great pricing. I highly recommend these!

See you all next time..
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)
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