Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lipworks by IVOVI liquid lipstick shade 34 review and swatches

Lipworks by IVOVI liquid lipstick shade 34 review and swatches

What company claims:

Waterproof colorstay 2 in 1.



Net weight:

Color - 6 g
gloss - 6 g

My experience with this product:

In today's post i am going to share my views on a budget liquid lipstick from IVOVI. I got this one few months back from a local beauty store(a kryolan stockist actually), i went there to check out some kryolan stuff when these lip colors caught my attention... Excited i inquired about them. He insisted me to try these but unaware about the brand i said no first. He assured i won't regret buying these lip colors ;p so finally ended up buying two. I am showing you today shade number 34 which is a vermilion coor.


As can be seen in the picture, this is basically a 2 in one dual sided lipcolor, on one side it has color and on other it has cear gloss. It has a transparent see through plastic lipgloss casing that makes it too see the shade exactly. I quite liked its applicator which is quite thick and good quality.

Color and texture:

Shade 34 is a classics bold vermilion color which will look beautiful on warm/ yellow tones. The shade is very pigmented and dries quickly, delivering beautiful matte finish. It also has little gold glitter which is not very noticeable.

As i said this shade gives very well pigmented matte vermilion lips with just one sweep. But if you prefer glossy finish, they have given the clear gloss for that which can be applied over once the color is dried. I liked the shade very much. keeping in mind how affordable it is, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the product..(which i was worried about) it is decent whether it is the packaging, the color, pigmentation. Though i noticed it feels a little cement-ish on the lips without the gloss but that is something you will see mostly in any liquid colorstay lipcolor. Now coming to the lip gloss it comes with, i didn't liked the clear lipgloss though it applies smoothly but feels very sticky on the lips.


In terms of quality, if i see the applicator, packaging, even the lip color every thing is decent quality but the gloss is below average for me because it makes the rather transferproof matte color, transfer because of its sticky glue like finish.

Lasting stay:

Without the lipgloss, the lip color survives coffe,snacks and food and stays for about 5 hour. With the lipgloss over it, it faded after 4 hour leaving behind a reddish tint to the lips.


1) Very affordable.
2) Beautiful shade.
3) Good quality.
4) Fluffy dense applicator.
5) Two in one product, you can get matte finish or glossy finish, upto you.
6) Long lasting.


1) Not well known brand.
2) Gloss quality is below average.
3) Gloss feels sticky.

Lip Swatch:

Overall rate:


Verdict: You can buy this if you are okay with the sticky gloss, other may skip this.

See you next time..
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