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Travel Bag Essentials: Skincare

Travel Bag Essentials: Skincare

Hey Girls,
I love to travel and my work demands a lot of travel... two reasons why i am always on the go. So i thought why not share with you all what and how i pack when i travel. In this post i am only sharing my skin care Travel bag essentials, i would do a separate post for my travel essentials- Makeup.So lets start:

I basically like to keep as little stuff as possible and that too i prefer to keep stuffs in travel size packs or samples that i receive in beauty boxes or from sales assistants while shopping beauty stuff.This way i can carry all the stuff i really need without adding too much weight to my bag and these tiny size products do not take much space either. I prefer to keep three different pouch for keeping Basic essentials, Skincare and makeup. This way it is much easier to reach for the products, without messing and mixing everything.
Here are the pictures i clicked of my skincare essentials pouch while i was packing my bag, to give you all idea about how i do it.

1) Lakme clear pores clean up face wash

This is the facewash i am currently using for about a month, its quite gentle and gives clear skin though meant for oily skin it works extremely well on my dry sensitive skin, so i keep this facewash in my travel kit too but in a smaller pack.

2) Neutrogena Wave power cleanser

Now this is one thing that is the most essential part of my skin care regimen(night time). I just can't do without this, also it's small in size and very light weight so can fit in anywhere very easily.

3) Audrey's Face sponge

These i am currently using with my neutrogena wave power cleanser, so has to be in my it too.

4) Brocato Shampoo and conditioner

I have not used this before, got this set in my vellvette now fabbag subscribtion, it is travel size pack again so fit in my travel pouch perfectly...this way i would also be able to try and test new stuff. So would solve both purpose.

5) Votre Pore shrink toner

A toner that also shrinks the pore.. really? Its under the scanner still, have been using this regularly in my CTM routine.

6) Lotus White glow intensive skin whitening and brightening serum

This comes in a sleek cylindrical tube pack, easy to carry along. Its my first time i have started using a serum though i am currently not following a regular night time routine due to chilly winter nights here (yesss that is my excuse i am that lazy :p) but it a essential product for my day time skin care routine.

7) Figs and rouge aloe and mint lip balm

This balm is my one bedtime essential that has to be on side table so that i can wake up with soft and kissable lips :D

8) Nature's co Lavender body lotion, Red & green tea sunscreen lotion, Phytomer white lumination creme

These are few more travel size lotions and sunscreen i would be carrying along in the kit to try and test.

9) L'occitane Refreshing cloth & I love.. Mango face mask

Its a basic wet tissue and second product is a sample of mango face mask which i know i won't really be using.. but stil i like to keep such sample in case if i feel like using so..

10) Avene Cleanence mask

It's a scrub and a mask which i like to use on my face once or twice a week and quite hooked with this one.. this one is a travel size pack but am thinking to buy this in a full size pack soon.

So these are the product that are my Travel bag essentials. Hope you all liked this post, let me know how you find this post..
See you all next time.. Till then..
Take care
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)
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