Sunday, February 23, 2014

Constance carroll lipstick 360 Heather review and swatch

Constance carroll lipstick 360 Heather

Company claims:

Soft, intensely colorful lips.


3/- SGD (Singapore dollar)

My experience with this product:

I got two lipsticks from this brand Constance Carroll, about 1.5 year back from Singapore. Unknown to this brand, i inquired from the S.A and was told it's a UK drugstore brand which is quite popular here. I picked up two lipsticks, one of them i am reviewing today is 360 Heather. Let's zoom in to know more:


360 Heather has a very usual lipstick packaging that we see generally. A round shiny maroon casing with a lock in, transparent plastic cap with logo and branding done in gold color. Overall simple and safe packaging.

Color and Texture:

The shade 360 Heather is a muted soft rose color with a hint of brown. The shade is very pretty, soft and sober which makes this a perfect pick for office or every day wear.

This has a very creamy texture and light feel which makes it glide on the lips smoothly and makes the wear time comfortable. But there is a downside, it melts in the hot humid weather and almost bleeds badly, the reason why i have kept it in the fridge and have not taken it out till the winter time :/


It has a fragrance of those chewy toffees i used to gulp when i was a kid :p i guess it was kisme not very sure. Though i do not prefer any fragrance in makeup stuff but as the fragrance does not stay that long, so it's okay.


This lipstick surely wins my heart when it is about the color intensity, just one swipe and there you have 100% opaque coverage. Is not that wow, i mean look at the color pay off and the price this comes in. Also it is very moisturizing to the lips.

Lasting stay:

Because of its cream butter like texture, it does transfer on anything that the lip touches but the good thing here is excellent color payoff that makes it last upto 4 hr. Even with all that transfer which results in a color fading, it still can be seen on the lips.. very much there. Once the lip color is all gone, this lipstick leaves a uneven stain on the lips which does not look good ofcourse.

Lip swatch:


1) Affordable
2) Cap locks in properly making it easy to carry along
3) Sober shade good for every day wear
4) Creamy and moisturizing
5) Good color payoff
6) Good lasting stay


1) Bleeds in humid/hot weather
2) Transfers badly
3) Not something you would like to wear during summers
4) Availablity in India

Overall rate:


Verdict: A nice shade for everyday wear, definitely a good buy at dirt cheap price! Reccomended.

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