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Lotus Herbals white glow intensive skin whitening and brightening serum review

Lotus Herbals white glow intensive skin whitening and brightening serum

Company claims:

This serum lightens, whitens, brightens, removes brown spots and visibly refines large pores.




15 ml

Available online at:


My experience with this serum:

Today's product review is on Lotus herbal white glow serum. Let's zoom in to find more about this:


The cylindrical opaque white and silver color sleek tube comes in a box cover with details about how it works along with other information. The tube has a sturdy cap that locks in properly making it travel friendly and mess free. The serum has a pump dispenser that works perfectly dispensing just a tiny pea size at a time, making sure there is no wasteage.
Overall the packaging is sleek with good looks and travel friendly.

Formula and Texture:

The serum has a melted butter like texture with a air light feel. It blends smoothly and absorbed in seconds by the skin, making it really smooth and ready for further skin care routine.


The serum has the signature fragrance of white glow range, which is okay not at all over-powering and goes off completely in a few minutes.

Okay now coming to the important claims this serum makes, let's see how well it scored on these claims(my review is based on two months of its regular use)-

a) Visibly refines large pores-
 The large pores are not my main concern really but i do have total 10 open pores on my face(yes i count them because they scare me badly and they are in group). After using this regularly i didn't see any remarkable change in size at all, so it does not refines large pores.

b) Lightens and Whitens-
 It does work a bit on lightening uneven skin tone and spots with regular use. Clearly no major difference but it sure works. So please don't expect any major change in uneven skin tone and dark spots.

c) Brightens-
The serum does work and gives skin a brightening effect and enhances it's radiance quite visibly.


As mentioned above, the tube has 15 ml of the serum which will easily last for two months, which i think makes it quite easy on pocket.


1) Travel friendly, hassle free packaging
2) Air light texture
3) Smoothing and quick absorb formula
4) Skin becomes smooth and radiant
5) Has goodness of milk enzymes and grape extract
6) Suitable for all skin types
7) Cruelty free


1) Does not refines large pores
2) Work average on uneven skin tone and dark spots, no remarkable changes

Overall rate:


Verdict: Can be given a try if you initially want to add a serum in your skin care routine. But if you want a serum that would work on skin issues like large open pores, uneven skintone and dark spots, it is really not something for you. Though it does brightens dull skin.

Hope you find this review helpful enough to decide on your purchase decision. Let me know in the comment section below
Have a good day
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