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Sally Hansen lip inflation extreme Sheer Pink review and swatch

Sally Hansen lip inflation extreme Sheer Pink

What company claims:

Spicy gloss plumps and shines lips to the extreme. Breakthrough hydro-collagen complex plumps and moisturises. Formula with cinnamon extract enhances lips' natural color so they appear pinker, fuller and healthier.



Net weight:

6 ml
Use before: 3 year
Made in Taiwan


My experience with the product:


The square shaped gloss comes in a box cover with a cut out on the center that helps to see the color and the gloss. It has a square transparent tube packaging with branding and product name written in black and it has a gold color screw open cap that glam up the whole look.
They have given a brush applicator instead of a sponge and the wand is quite long. I liked its brush applicator which helps with even spreading of gloss.


This has a strong spicy cinnamon fragrance that can be smelled as soon as you open it and it stays there for long (i mean as long as the gloss stays).
For me personally, i didn't liked the fragrance at all. I am sensitive to any fragrance strong. But fragrance is something that depends upon the individual taste and preference, for me anything that is strong does not work sadly.

Formula & Color:

The gloss is thick and slightly sticky too (but not the kind that makes your hair stick to your lips). It glides smoothly on the lips thanks to the wonderful brush applicator.

The color is very sheer with a hint of nude pink. No, it won't cover any pigmentation as it is sheer. I am okay with the color coverage because neither they claim anything like that. The company says, it is a sheer color with cinnamon extract that enhances the lips' natural color so they appear pink. I completely agree yess it definitely does that. I love the warm tingling feel when i apply this, which lasts for a few minutes.

So does it plumps?

Okay, i have tried this in many different ways to check how it works better or does it even work? I tried this over a lipstick, over a lipgloss, over a balm and also just alone. This works just okay as a shiny gloss over everything.. no it won't plump your lips if you are layering it over a gloss or lipstick. But that does not mean it does not work. Definitely it works. If you want the plump effect on the lips, the trick is to wear it alone on clean and pat dry lips. I have used it this way many times it surely plumps up the lips, not to the extreme but to the extent that is noticeable. I also noticed it gives more intense plump effect if it is applied on the freshly exfoliated lips, also enhancing the natural color of the lips.

Lip swatches:

Lasting stay:

The thick formula and balm like feel, makes it last for about 4 hr surviving small tea and snack session. But it definitely transfers making it fade a little every time so a reapplication is needed.

Note: Do not use on irritated lips.


1) Expensive looking packaging, good looks.
2) Nice brush applicator
3) Enough quantity
4) Enhances lips' natural color
5) Has hydro collagen complex that plumps lip to good extent.
6) Keep lips soft and moisturised
7) Sheer pink color


1) Very strong fragrance
2) Re-application is needed after drinks and meal.

Overall rate:


Verdict: I would recommend this gloss to those are more into natural colors and do not have major pigmentation issue on lips, as it a very sheer formula that is meant to enhance your natural lip color and do not provide any coverage with a visible plump effect.

Hope this review is helpful enough to decide on your purchase decision.
See you next time
Stay blessed!!
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)
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