Tuesday, February 4, 2014

VOV eyeshadow shimmer/glitter loose pigments review,pics and swatches

VOV eyeshadow shimmer/glitter loose pigments review,pics and swatches


50 each

Net weight:

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My experience with these pigments:

Today's post am showing some amazing loose pigments and glitter dust from VOV cosmetics. These have been with me from a long time and i have been absolutely loving these for great quality and dirt cheap pricing.
Let's zoom in to find more about these:

I have three of these among which two are loose pigment and one is glitter dust. They come in tiny round jars with transparent plastic body and off white screw open cap. It has another plastic lid inside for safety. They have not given any name to the shades, only thing mentioned is, glitter/ shimmer on the cap. Also there is no ingredients list given. But there is good variety to choose from either you want glitter dust or shimmery loose pigment.

Let's see the glitter dust first.

Glitter Dust:

I have the glitter dust in beautiful antique gold color. If seen in jar, this glitter looks as gold and black glitters are mixed together, but it is just one color.

The quality of the glitter dust is fine which sits on the eyelid easily. But as it is a glitter dust, it's advisable to close your eyes properly while applying this.

Shimmer Loose pigments:

I have two loose pigmnets from VOV, one pigment is in antique gold color and the other shade i have is a beautiful light pearly pink shade.

Antique gold pigment is a beautiful antique finished gold with a hint of olive to it. The pigment is fine, smooth, highly pigmented and good quality. Just a little dab of this is what you will need, as i said before it is very pigmented and blends well.

Pearly pink pigment is a soft pearly pink color with silver shimmering through this. Very nice feminine color, smooth to touch with good pigmentation. This shade can be used as a highlighter too.

Verdict:Overall, if i summarize, both the glitter and loose pigments are good quality, beautiful shades. These are easily available at local beauty store for dirt cheap prices. So if you like glitter and loose pigments and searching for something easy on pocket, I recommend to give this a try!

Overall Rate:

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