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Kryolan Blusher palette EC30 review, swatches and pictures

Kryolan Blusher palette EC30 review, swatches and pictures

What company says:

Compact rouge with good coverage. Kryolan blusher is characterized by its ease of application and excellent adhesion.



Net weight:

.44 oz

If you have been regular on my blog, you definitely know my love for Kryolan products. From their primer to eye lashes, to foundation to fixing sprays, i have/had them, tried them and loved them totally. But then i realized i have not tried any of their color stuff like lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow and blush. So i went to the Kryolan store, checked out all the stuff and after drooling over everything just bought a blush palette and my holy grail powder only Pheeww. Reason? Three months back on the first dawn of 2014, i took a new year resolution.. that i will buy less makeup.. that (if i) i will buy  brands that i haven't tried before instead of sticking to my favorite brands. So now you know why i got only two stuff from Kryolan, lets move on to the review now :D

My experience with the product:

So on review desk, we have this blush palette number EC3O from kryolan ( if you have not checked that haul post yet, click here). Let's zoom in:


The palette has a rectangular shape metal body case. Brand logo, hologram, palette number, date of manufacturing is provided on the cap as well as on the card paper box cover it comes in.
It has a set of 5 powder blushes which are refillable. The palette name is provided inside also and each blush has its name clearly written below the pan. A sponge sheet is given to keep the palette mess free.

Color & Pigmentation:

T0 shade is a gorgeous soft doll pink color which will look lovely on medium to fair skintones. This is the lightest shade of the palette but hey that does not mean it's low on pigmentation, infact it has great color payoff.
I am wearing this Blush Here.

This shade is a true peach color blush i have ever came across. Yess True peach shade, no peachy pink or peachy orange. Good on pigmentation.
I am wearing this Blush Here and Here.

This look like a dark neutral pink in the pan but actually it is a medium peachy pink color that is suitable for a variety of complexions. It has good color pay off actually all the blush are good on pigmentation.
I am wearing this Blush Here.

It is a medium almond brown shade which is good to use as a contour color because like all the other shades it is completely matte, no shimmer.

R6 is a beautiful earthy pink or soft rose pink color. It is the most pigmented blush among all the five.


All five blush in this palette are high quality powder blushes. They are very smooth and super blendable. Not even a single one has that weird chalky feel, which we came across in matte blushes and shadows often.


It does have a very mild pleasing fragrance.

Lasting stay:

As mentioned earlier they all have great color payoff. I have used all of these repeatedly and overall i can say they are quite long lasting. On my cheeks they easily stay upto 6-7 hrs on their own. The RC6 and T1 shade last really long. But this may defer from person to person as this depends on the skin type also.


The palette costs 1000/- bucks. It has 5 blushes, so each one cost = 200. Hence it's affordable. Don't agree? Okay, these are high on pigmentation, so you need just a little every time that equals to that you will be able to use it for many coming months. Hence affordable!
If you go to buy a single blush instead of the palette you will get these for 350/-INR each. So yes buying a palette will save some money.



1) Great professional quality product
2) Smooth and super blendable
3) Good and different variety of shades from peach to pink
4) High on pigmentation
5) Long lasting
6) Mild fragrance
7) Practical and safe packaging





Verdict: I highly recommend this palette! You get different shades in one palette, professional quality product at drugstore pricing. Get this and you are sorted.
That's the reason why i love Kryolan so much.. professional makeup brand with a great variety to choose from at such drugstore brand like pricing. That's a wow factor!!

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