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MUA Eyeshadow Palette Starry night review, pictures, swatches and FOTD

MUA Eyeshadow Palette Starry night Review, Pictures, Swatches and FOTD

Company claims:

With shimmering shades of black and silver and peppy shades of blue and pink, MUA’s Starry Night eye palette definitely spoils you for choice. Be it soft, charming eyes or bold, seductive ones, this 12-shade eye shadow palette is how you will decide what course you want your evening to take.


1050/-INR ( available at at 40% discount currently)

Net weight:


Available here:
MUA store

My experience with this product:

So today i will be reviewing an eyeshadow palette from my recent MUA Haul. I got myself this palette from MUA called as Starry night Palette which i think is a great budget buy for creating party Makeup looks. Let's zoom in to know more about this:


MUA Starry night palette is a compact rectangular palette with plastinc case and flip open see through cap. The plastic quality is light something that will easily broke if you drop it, so yes be careful with this! Its has 12 shimmery shades from soft lilacs to metallic greys to black. This comes with a dual side sponge applicator.
Overall it is a compact and simple palette easy to carry along but i wish if the plastic was a bit better quality.

Color and Texture:

The shades range from pinks to greys mostly. This palette has total 12 eyeshadows in which there are two soft pink shades, four shades of greys or silver grey, Two lilac shade, two shades of blue and one shimmery black and white each.
All these are shimmery powder eyeshadows which are very smooth and easy to blend. Some of these do fall a bit but none of these is chalky so a thumps up for that.


As the name "Starry Nights" tells, all the shades in this are shimmery and gives nice shiny or metal like finish. The palette is perfect for creating glamorous night out looks.


I have to say i am impressed with the pigmentation of each of the shadow from this palette. They are super pigmented does not matter how light the shade is, each of this delivers a decent color payoff which is quite a thing.

Lasting stay:

All the shades are not only good on pigmentation but also long lasting. I created this Fotd below without an eyeshadow base or primer just to show you all how the color comes on their own. The eye makeup i did with this MUA palette lasted all night without any fall out or fading and i did not used any primer/ shadow base underneath.


MUA cosmetics is available in India online only. This palette can be bought from MUA online store itself. Also it is available on Indian shopping sites mentioned above. Do check out to get awesome deal on this palette for limited time only.




1) Compact palette, easy to fit in clutch
2) Great for creating dramatic night looks
3) Gorgeous shimmery shadows
4) Though it costs 1050/- in India still it is a very budget buy considering just one shadow comes at a price of atleast 350/- generally.
5) Fragrance free
6) Smooth texture
7) Good pigmentation
8) Good lasting duration on its own


1) Plastic quality is easily breakable
2) No Offline availability
3) No mention if it is cruelty free or not
4) Is not paraben free

Overall rate:


Verdict: I personally liked this palette it is a great budget buy to create versatile dramatic to smoky night looks. The palette is surely value for money but i also wish the plastic case quality would have been better. Also as a customer i want to make sure what i am buying is cruelty free, companies should always mention this thing clearly on the pack itself.
If you are the one keen on experimenting with makeup i would reccommend this as the palette is quite versatile to play up with colors and create various looks! Recommended, a good budget buy!

Let me know how you find this review and FOTD, by leaving a comment below.
Have a good day!!
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)

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