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Travel Dairies: Agra Vol 1

Travel Dairies: Agra Vol 1

At the mid of march i took a break and decided to visit Agra"The city of Taj". I will be sharing some beautiful moments captured of the places and palaces. I have a lot to share but i don't want to make this one a super picture heavy post that is why i am parting pictures from this trip into two volumes. In this first part i am sharing pictures of Sikri fort, Jodha's tomb and Akbar's tomb. This is a pictorial so no more blah bla...
Enjoy the pictures:

On my way to Sikri, i met this cute duck at the dhaba we stopped for food. I did went to say hello, but she/he was in no mood :p

An old ruined monument or part of monument, standing beside the road towards Sikri fort from Agra gate. I find this kind of ruined buildings more attractive and magnetic...

The Panch mahal building inside Sikri fort and the courtyard area.

The famous din -E- ilahi carved pillar, this has symbols from 5 religions carved precisely on it. So beautiful!

The seat of holy priest in the pavilion.

Tansen's seat where he used to perform raags, it is called Anup talao.

Courtyard of Jodha's palace inside Sikri fort.

Jodha's Krishna mandir inside her palace area.
It was such a lovely experience witnessing that historical period.
After Sikri, next destination was Sikandra....

Jodha's tomb built by her son.It is in the range of 1 km from Akbar's tomb.

The beautiful garden area blooming with spring flowers.

A ruined monument outside Akbar's tomb... aahh why i find such buildings more attractive :/

Akbar tomb is surrounded with not only lush greenaries but also two variety of deers. Away from the mad city rush, this place surely gives peace to the soul.

The view on Akbar tomb entrance from inside!

Shhh... here rest one of my favorite king "Akbar".

That's it for this post, will see next time with another picture heavy post, vol 2 Agra.
Till then..
Stay blessed!!
Happy Navratris..
Shipra(Makeupmirrornme YT)

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