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Iraya manjistha eye contour gel review, pictures and swatch

Iraya Manjistha Eye contour gel Review, Pictures and Swatch | MillionDollarLooks Makeup & Beauty Blog

Iraya Manjistha Eye contour gel

What company claims:

Easy to use, nutrient rich eye care in a gel form. With the extracts of Indian madder(manjistha) and lavender essential oil, helps cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, and minimises dark circles and fine lines. Regular use protects and brightens the eye area.



Net weight:

20 g

Best use:

2 year


Buy this here:

My experience with this product:

Eyes are called the window to the soul, not just like that, they are certainly the most striking feature of one's face. If you are a bollywood music fan, am sure you can count endless number of beautiful songs written..  praising  beautiful, mesmerizing eyes. Eyes certainly deserves all that praising but do you know eyes are also the most delicate part of face, which if not taken care of properly can spoil your whole look no matter how lovely you look!
I will be reviewing an eye contour gel today from Iraya, so let us zoom in to get to know more about this eye gel that claims to keep puffiness, dark circles away.


A good packaging is ofcourse one of the first thing that catches eye, this gel surely is a winner in that.. look at the cute glass jar, it is not completely transparent but gives you a misty vision of the gel inside. A thick heavy bottom little glass jar with a silver screw open cap. Though it's really not the kind of packaging that can be carried along in the bag but still i like this cute little fat jar.


It is a coral color gel that once applied gives eyes the cooling effect... hmm icy gel should be the right name for this. It's gel like but no stickiness infact it is very light weight and gets absorbed quickly in a matter of seconds.


It has a mild refreshing smell that fades as soon as you apply it.

Quantity and affordability:

After  one month of regular use once everyday, my jar is almost half finished, So i guess this 20 gram quantity will last for about 1.5 month more.. which i think is decent enough and makes it quite affordable too.

So does it work on what it claims:

I have a very dry and sensitive skin. For my eye area (which is also dry) i wanted something that not only reduces dark circle but also helps keeping the delicate eye area nourished and well hydrated. This eye contour gel has goodness of manjistha that is known to improve blood circulation and lavender essential oil which helps to keep the skin moisturised.. so needless to say i was obviously excited to try this out. After using this eye gel regularly every night for a little more than a month it definitely has reduced my dark circles to a good extent. Every night i like to take a tiny amount of this and apply it on my eyelid and under eye area. On application.. firstly it gives your eye a nice cooling effect but as you continue to massage, it begins to warm up and takes about one minute to competely absorbed by skin. Eyes instantly looks nourished and moisturised. Recently  a dry patch occurred on one of my eye lid, no matter how much lotion i applied simply refused to go away. After using this on the dry patch... it has completely gone.. no signs of dryness at all.

Coming to its claim on reducing swelling and puffiness, well though i do not have these issues but i think it will work on this as it has manjistha in this which as said earlier help in blood circulation. I do not have any fine lines(can't really say about this claim) but as my skin is very dry it used to feel stretchy at the eye area also, since i have started using it..that dry stretchy skin is surely gone.


1) Light easy to absorb gel
2) No animal testing
3) 100% vegetarian
4) Cute packaging
5) Reduces dark circles
6) Removes dryness and dry patches
7) Refreshes eye area
8) Keep eye area nourished and moisturized


1) Not very travel safe packaging
2) As you have to dip your finger everytime into the jar to get the product which makes this packaging not very hygienic.

Overall Rate:


Verdict: A good 100% vegetarian eye contour gel that heels the dryness and dry patches around the delicate eye area. It is also helpful in keeping the area well nourished and reduces the dark circle on regular usage to a good extent. Worth a try!

I hope my review helps right way while making your purchase decision. Let me know if you have any further query regarding this product or anything you want to say.. in the comment section below.
Till next time..
Take care!
Shipra(Makeupmirrornme YT)

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