Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weekend Shopping: Jewellery Haul

Weekend Shopping: Jewellery Haul

Hey Loves,

I did went crazy last Sunday and did a lot of necklace shopping. I am very much of a accessory person but yes i like to wear one accessory at a time... most of the usual days you will see nose ring which is always there. But other than the nose ring, i do have a collection of statement neck pieces. Necklace is my favorite kind of accessory, with which i like to play a lot for different looks, in different moods :)
These are what i shopped this Sunday, leaving you with the pictures now..


Let me know which is your favorite piece, take your pick ;) Btw what is your favorite kind of accessories, do share in the comment section below.
Till next time..
Have a great day ahead!!
Shipra(Makeupmirrornme YT)

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