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Eco Essentials Organic whitening Scrub Cake(Badam) Review and Pictures

Eco Essentials Organic whitening Scrub Cake(Badam) Review and Pictures | Beauty Blog India

What Company claims:

Vitamin E enriched, deep cleansing, anti-tan, dead cell removal, rejuvenation of new skin, badam nourishes and moisturizes the skin and gives healthy glow.



Net weight:

100 gm

Best use:

2 year


Complete list not mentioned

My experience with this product:

Hey Everyone,
I am indulging more into handmade soaps lately though i am more of a shower gel person. So today we have another Eco Essentials handmade soap, it is called Organic whitening scrub cake (Badam). I am really impressed with Eco Essentials Organic handmade soaps range and have already reviewed another soap from the range called Red sandal scrub soap on my friend Niesha's blog(check out the review here).
Lets zoom in to know more about this one:


Packaging is one thing that attracts your attention first. It has a case made of dried leaf is sure to gain your attention. Inside as can be seen in the pictures, it come properly wrapped in a butter paper sheet.

Color & Texture:

The color is something strange that we generally don't see in soaps atleast. It is a muddy grey sort of color which makes it look as if it is a piece of some rock. It has a grainy texture as one can also guess with its name. It is a scrub cake so have a grainy texture, it lathers quite well into velvety foam when massaged on wet skin. It cleanses the skin thoroughly without making it feeling dry. Even with its grainy texture it does not feel harsh on the body and is good for a quick facial exfoliation too.

It deep cleans facial and body skin without drying it out, leaving you with absolute clean, bright and fresh skin.

Does it removes tan?

Yes! This scrub bar surely had helped me remove tanning from my face which was the result of my all day outings thanks to my recent holiday trip :D

If you have a newly developed tan on your skin, i tell you this will be a great help to get that removed all most completely. But if you have a old tan, i am not sure how well it will work for you bit still would advice to use this for atleast 2 months.

Lasting duration:

This soap bar looks like a rock solid one, but once in contact with water it becomes quite velvety and dissolves much faster than a normal soap. So this 100 gram of scrub bar will last for a month.

Value for money:

Do i need to say this, Sure it is!!


It is not fragrance free and the scent have a spicy notes. What exactly it is, i am not able to figure out. But it does not linger on, which is a good thing with this one in my case :)


1) Herbal handmade organic soap
2) Enriched with goodness of Badam(almond) which are rich in vitamins E, so it nourishes skin
3) Does not dry my already dry skin
4) Removes tan
5) Skin feels very well cleansed and fresh
6) Brightens skin
7) Gentle enough to use on face as well


1) Complete list of ingredients is not mentioned. Only key ingredient is mentioned. Even though it is a herbal soap but still they are suppose to mention all the ingredients. Right?
2) Dissolves too much

Overall Rate:


Verdict: A very good organic scrub bar which very nicely cleans the face and body, make it look brighter and better. This surely is excellent for removing newly developed tan from the skin. I only suggest them to please mention all the ingredients rather than just mentioning the key ingredients on the pack.
I would highly recommend this one specially to those looking for tan removal!

Have you tried this Soap bar or any other from Eco Essentials range. Do you have any favorite for tan removal? Let us know in the comment section below.
Have a good day!!
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)

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