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Sunsilk Natural Recharge strong & abudant shampoo and conditioner review

Sunsilk Natural Recharge strong & abudant shampoo and conditioner review | Indian Beauty Blog

Sunsilk Natural Recharge strong & abudant shampoo and conditioner

Sunsilk Natural Recharge strong & abudant shampoo and conditioner

What Company claims:

New sunsilk natural recharge strong and abudant is infused with ginseng plant roots extract. It helps strengthen, nourish and recharge tired hair making it look two times thicker and up to five times stronger.


132/-INR for 180ml
64/-INR for 80ml




Made in India

My experience with this product range:

Today on the review desk we have a shampoo and conditioner from Sunsilk new Natural recharge range. Here are my thoughts on this range after 5 times usage. Let's zoom in to know more about this:


With its nice minty green and milky packaging and leaf print it surely scores well on good looks. Shampoo bottle and conditoner tube, both have flip open cap which locks in properly making it very hygienic, easy to carry packaging. A thumbs up for the packaging!

Sunsilk Natural Recharge strong & abudant shampoo 

Sunsilk Natural Recharge strong & abudant  conditioner

Color and texture:

Shampoo is a pearly white liquid formulation which is neither too thick nor too runny. It lathers well and cleans the hair properly without drying out hair. This new Natural recharge range products are parabens free too.
Natural recharge conditioner a light cream based formula which is easily to apply/spread on hair length. It has light creme color to it. The conditoner has light creme consistency which makes its application real easy, even and smooth. After wash hair feel nice, fresh and smooth.

How well it works on it claims?

Okay, now coming to it's claims.
Firstly it claims to make hair two times thicker and nourish them.
Okay it cleans hair well without drying out and the conditioner makes them one time more smoother than without a conditioner. So it surely gives some nourishment to hair but thicker hair? I didn't notice any change in my hair thickness but as my review is based on 5 times use of this range shampoo and conditioner, so i can't totally deny their claim. I will update about this again after one month, may be than it will the results it claims for.

Secondly it claims to make hair 5 times stronger.
Okay i have a normal hair type with normal scalp. I am currently not facing any hair issue like dullness, hair fall so officially i have healthy hair currently :D but i see alot of hair fall during the month from july to september when the weather is really humid here. May be i will use this shampoo and conditioner in those months.
As of now i can say, it has helped maintain my already healthy hair, i did not notice any issues with this.


Now this is the second thing i really loved about this range after its packaging. It has a lovely, indulging fragrance which is light,very refreshing and it lingers on for a day. Wow!!

Value for money:

Easy on pocket, affordable pricing.


1) Nice attractive packaging
2) Lovely refreshing fragrance
3) Affordable
4) Paraben free
5) Cleans and conditons well without drying hair
6) Gentle on hair
7) Good for every hair type


1) Does not makes hair look thicker as it claims

Overall Rate:


Verdict: An easy on pocket shampoo and conditioner which cleans hair well with drying them out. Gentle on hair. Good for general purpose, good but nothing special other than it's packaging and scent.
Worth a try!

Would i buy this again?
I would try this again when the weather gets humid here.

Have you tried this range from Sunsilk yet? Let us know in the comment section below.
Till next time..
Shipra(Makeupmirrornme YT)

* Products sent by company/PR for consideration though my review is 100% honest and totally based on my personal experience with this. We'll never recommend anything to our readers without trying or with which we are not completely satisfied.

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