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Tresemme Split Remedy New Split rescue shampoo and conditioner review & pictures

Tresemme Split Remedy New Split rescue shampoo and conditioner Review &  Pictures | Indian Beauty Blogger

TRESemme Split Remedy New Split rescue Shampoo and Conditioner

What Company Claims:


This shampoo gently cleanses and keeps the hair long for longer. When used with its conditioner, the unique formula fights split ends and protects from further damage. Gentle enough for daily use, leaving your hair look healthy and stay smooth like you have just stepped out of a salon.


This conditioner smoothes and restores managebility and keeps the hair long for longer. When used with its shampoo, the unique formula fights split ends and protects from further damage. Gentle enough for daily use, leaving your hair look healthy and stay smooth like you have just stepped out of a salon.


Shampoo: 80/-INR for 90ml
Conditioner: 80/-INR for 90ml




My experience with these products:

I have long, naturally straight normal hair that are easy to manage generally i never have to do anything extra to maintain them but the changing weather surely takes its toll.. as the weather begin to get hotter here i noticed some split ends in my tresses. Ouch.. that is a serious ache for me.. Split ends?? Means no more hair growth. I was just thinking to try something to get rid off.. when Tresemme send me this hamper containing a shampoo and conditioner from their New split remedy. Perfect timing!! I like to wash and condition my hair thrice a week, i have been using this for about two weeks now. So after six time usage i am ready to share how it worked on my normal hair type with normal scalp. Let's zoom in to find out:


The shampoo and conditioner bottle shares similar looks other than the color which is black for shampoo and creme white for conditioner bottle. Easy to use, hygienic packaging with black cap and green dot over that.. press, squeeze and pour the liquid.
Overall basic, easy to use, travel friendly and hygienic bottle packaging. I like it!

Color and Texture:

The shampoo is a medium thick liquid in pearly white color. It lathers well and cleanses the hair properly.
The conditioner has a thick creme texture and it is white in color.

Tresemme split remedy New split rescue shampoo


Shampoo and conditioner share same refreshing fragrance that pleases the senses as soon as you open the bottle and lingers on some hours. It is very light and nothing that will bother a sensitive nose(i do have a sensitive nose and i don't mind it infact i like it).

So,Do they do what they claim?


The shampoo is gentle on hair and scalp. It lathers properly and cleanses hair well. My hair are knee length long and gets easily cleansed just in one application, i didn't find the need to reapply this again. After wash they do smell great and fresh, i actually like it's fragrance which is very refreshing. As i mentioned earlier i do not have major split end issue and it actually was the first time i noticed few of my hair strands having split ends. With the first wash, you know how it is.. you can't exactly judge what good the product does but i felt my hair were feeling nice, well cleansed and fresh. Now after six time use i can clearly say, it has surely rescued my hair from split ends because split ends are really not there any more. yess i did trimmed the hair strands with split ends(obviously the shampoo is not going to stitch them back togehter :p) but after using this for about six times it surely has stopped further development of split ends. So yess it works!

It has worked on my hair but still i would like to mention that result may vary from person to person depending upon the hair type, condition and how severe is the problem (which in my case was very less).


The conditioner is a thick creme one..that need to be applied like any usual conditioner for about 3 minutes and rinse off after that. I never skip on conditioning with a wash off conditioner after hair wash, it is a strict routine i follow religiously. Coming to this conditioner, i have very neutral thoughts about this as i did not find the end results as smooth as i was expecting this will deliver. A normal conditioner that will make your hair little more soft no salon like okay :D I already have long, healthy and silky hair, so obviously i was expecting some icing on the cake but let me ignore that part because it neither drum rolls for that claim. This conditioner claims to rescue split ends after three washes if used with the shampoo from the range and i did that and got the result delivered.

Not very impressed with the conditioner though i will still recommend you to use this along with the shampoo if you have split ends.

Quantity & Affordability:

This 90 ml quantity is quite decent at the price and i have used this six times till now and shampoo and conditioner remaining in this will last for two more wash, but hey that's my case. It definitely depends on your hair length, how long the bottles last ;p
Overall decent quantity at pretty affordable price.


1) Nice hygienic packaging.
2) Gentle on hair and scalp
3) Cleanse hair properly(shampoo)
4) Refreshing fragrance that lingers on
5) Hair feel soft
6) Rescues further damage to hair by stopping split ends development


1) Conditioner does not make hair ultra soft and silky.

Overall Rate:


Verdict: Split remedy is a very good system that would be helpful for those having split ends problem. It surely works on the problem and makes sure to stop further damage. Recommended!!

I really hope this review will help you in the right way while making your purchase decision/s. Let me know your thought on this post in the comment section below. Have you tried this range yet? Share your experience with us.

Till next time..
Good luck
Shipra(makeupmirrornme YT)

*Product sent by company/PR for consideration though my review is 100% based on my personal experience with the product. I will never recommend anything to my readers until and unless i have tried/used it myself and am completely satisfied with the product.

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