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Monthly Favorites for the month of August

Monthly Favorites for the month of August

Hey Girls,

So it's that time of the month again, when i do my monthly favorites round up... All the things i have been loving this month. Let's start it:

Bath and Beauty Favorites:

Nivea Shower Gel Powerfruit Relax

                                            Nivea Powerfruit relax Shower Gel

I tend to switch between my bath gels every third day because using a similar bath gel everyday bore me.. and i never want to start my day feeling Bored :) But this is the one or the only one till date..that i used everyday(Happily) somehow. I think i love it? So here it is in my favorites list ;)

                                Fabindia Charcoal face scrub

It is an old favorite..i think it's my second or third tub. I used it all this month weekly to exfoliate my face and body too!

Pearl Drops Tooth Polish

                                     Pearl Drops Tooth Polish

I love sparkling white teeth..even a thought of having paler teeth scare me :/ so this i have been using randomly to maintain my whites :)

Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hibiscus & Argan Oil

                          Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hibiscus & Argan Oil

It's light weight, does not really feel like oil but does it job very has made it to my weekly hair care routine.


Jordana Powder Blush 18 Touch Of Pink
MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Dolly

                                             Jordana Powder Blush 18 Touch Of Pink

                          MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher Dolly

The two blush i saw myself reaching out repeatedly this month, they are good quality, inexpensive and fabulous!

LA Splash Smudge proof Mascara Abyss

                                  LA Splash Smudge proof Mascara Abyss (Image courtesy La Splash Website)

Though i totally love my Maybelline the falsies one but this is what i reached out often whenever i wanted a very natural look for my eyes. It just adds some body to each of the lash without making them stick together and yess looks really natural. Just now while writing i noticed i have not reviewed this somehow.. but i will review this sooner.

Lakme Absolute Shine Line Liquid eyeliner Smoky Grey

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                         Lakme Absolute Shine Line Liquid eyeliner Smoky Grey

If you have been reading this blog regularly chances are you have seen all my smoky grey looks and by now know that when it comes to smoky i prefer grey over black :) This is a full on gun metal shade.. am so in love with!

Essence Lipstick 53 All about Cupcake
Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick POW2

                                             Essence lipstick 53 All about Cupcake

                                  Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick POW2

So i guess it was all pink lips love for me this month. Essence one is a subtle sweet pink shade with a hint of mauve to it, which is a good pick for regular days while Maybelline POW2 is one shade i picked when i wanted something Bold on lips but not red. I also wore this lipstick on my Birthday eve :)

So that is all i loved this month? What are your monthly favorites, let me know in the comment section below..

I'll see you next time..
Bear Hugs
Shipra(Makeupmirrornme YT)

PS: Click on the product name to check out the review :)
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