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Office Chic: Natural Sophisticated enhancing makeup

Office Chic: Natural Sophisticated enhancing makeup

Today on the blog i have a special post about office makeup. Most of girls are in two minds, when it comes to office makeup as it is important to look groomed and glam but too much of it can make you look loud. So what you should do? Answer is very simple, keep it natural or almost undetectable.

I will show you a simple but enhancing makeup look today, for office which looks really natural, almost undetectable(if you minus the intensity of my lipstick). Want to know how i achieved this? Okay So let's break down the look:

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Office Chic: Natural Sophisticated enhancing makeup


As it was a day time look and that too for office, i wanted my base to be very natural or say as natural as possible. After the regular CTM routine i applied a primer. No matter whether i am doing a heavy makeup or almost naked skin, i never skip on primer as this not only helps to prime and make the makeup stay longer. But it also acts as a barrier between skin and outer particles that comes in contact with your skin and does not let them sink into deep layer of skin. I generally prefer sheer coverage during day, so i always pick a BB creme for daytime but today along with the sheer coverage i also wanted my skin to glow.. A healthy glow. So i picked MAC Face and Body foundation for this look. I wanted a very sheer coverage thus i applied one fine layer of foundation with Real techniques Pointed Foundation Brush. This foundation takes some time to dry and once it dries, gives your skin a very gorgeous glow. Later i swirled just a little bit of powder with a kabuki brush to set this. That's it your base makeup is done!

Office Chic: Natural Sophisticated enhancing makeup | Base makeup products


Groom and set your eyebrows with a clear mascara and fill in any sparse area. Keep it natural. I used ELF brightening eyeliner pencil in shade black to fill in my brows and blended. Next  take just a little bit of Nyx Eyeshadow base and blend it well. With a small stiff dome brush, i applied Bourjois Ombre Stretch eye shadow Flexi Brown on the outer V and outer half crease area as well. Blend it right there very well with the same brush then bring it down towards the lid area till the mid of the lid, whatever is left, brush it on the  upper lash line. Next take some of the Bourjois 09 Regard sable pigment at the back of your hand, with Real techniques Base shadow brush blend it well on the eyelid starting from the inner corner to center with very soft hands. Remember we don't want the shimmer on the eyes but a lovely glow, that comes when you blend it softly. Keep stroking back and forth in the center part of lid so that the two eye shadows blend really well. We are almost done, just line your upper lash line, starting from the center to the outer corner, really close to your natural lashes, so it is almost undetectable. Now smudge the line with Real techniques Accent brush, repeat it on the lower lash line as well. Apply a nude color pencil in your waterline, apply coats of mascara and blend a little bit of loose powder on the brow-bone area. The eye are done!

Office Chic: Natural Sophisticated enhancing makeup | Eye makeup products


We only want a hint of color, nothing too visible or obvious. Apply Maybelline Cheeky glow blush in Peachy coral for a lovely wash of color and make sure to blend it well.

Office Chic: Natural Sophisticated enhancing makeup | Cheek and lip makeup products


Line your lips and fill in your lips with a soft rose shade lipstick. I used MAC cremesheen Fan Fare lipstick here.

That is it!

Here is the complete list of products used for creating this look:

1. Accessorize impeccable skin primer(Reviewed Here)
2. MAC Face and Body Foundation
3. Kryolan translucent powder (Reviewed here)
4. NYX eyeshadow base in white (Reviewed here)
5. ELF Brightening eyeliner pencil Black
6. Oriflame Kohl pencil in Nude(Reviewed here )
7. Maybelline the falsies mascara waterproof
8. Vega eye lash Curler
9. Bourjois ombre stretch eye shadow Flexi Brown (Reviewed here )
10. Bourjois suivez mon regard eye shadow 09 Regard sable nacre(Reviewed here)
11. Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush Fresh coral(Reviewed here)
12. MAC cremesheen lipstick Fanfare

Brushes used:

Office Chic: Natural Sophisticated enhancing makeup | Makeup brushes used

1. Real techniques Pointed foundation brush (check the full set review Here)
2. Real techniques Contour brush
3. Real techniques Accent brush (check the full set review here)
4. Real techniques Base shadow brush
5. Vega eye brush (Reviewed here)
6. VLCC Groome eye groomer brush
7. Born pretty Kabuki brush (Reviewed here)

Let me know what do you think? Do you like this? Leave your comments in the section below..

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