Thursday, September 11, 2014

Essence Makeup Haul | Milliondollarlooks makeup and beauty blog

Essence Makeup Haul | Milliondollarlooks makeup and beauty blog

Hey My Cherries,

How's the weather treating you all? It's super awesome here and i am just loving it <3

Today on the blog i'll be sharing some of my recent Essence cosmetics purchases... I have been lately indulging much into Essence makeup products as i am loving this brand and my addiction is getting higher ;) Check out my other essence haul here & here. I have reviewed a few makeup products already, Essence Soft & Natural long lasting foundationEssence My Base illuminating makeup baseEssence Liquid eyeliner waterproofEssence Circus circus long lasting eyeshadow 01 It's Magic & Essence Lipliner In the Nude just click on the names of the products to check out the review.
Back to the haul, here are the pictures:

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Essence Makeup Haul | Milliondollarlooks makeup and beauty blog

1. Essence Smokey eyes set 04 Show Off
2. Essence Quattro eyeshadow 01 Xoxo
3. Essence Quattro eyeshadow 07 Over the taupe

Essence Makeup Haul 

4. Essence Lipstick 52 In the Nude
5. Essence Lipstick 46 Fashionista
6. Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 021 Red Blossom

Essence Makeup Haul | Makeup and beauty blog

7. Essence Lipliner 03 Hot Chocolate
8. Essence Nail Color 3 Nail Polish 01 Midnight Date
9. Essence Silky Touch Blush 30 Secret it-girl

Essence Makeup Haul

What do you want me to review first, let me know  :)

Bear Hugs
Shipra(Makeupmirrornme YT)
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