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Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review & Pictures

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review & Pictures 

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Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review & Pictures 

What Company says:

Our deep cleansing brush work gently with 4000 micro orbits technology and bristles designed to clean acne prone skin. Your skin appear healthy, more radiant and beautiful looking.



The Kit Includes:

Deep Cleansing device
Two Batteries

My experience with this Deep cleansing brush:

Before starting with the review, firstly i want to clear that i don't have a acne prone skin though my skin is very sensitive and prone to allergies. I have a dry-sensitive skin type, i was thinking to invest in a good cleansing brush from more than a year now but the star brush that is Clarisonic is not easily available in India though it can be bought from some international website. But let me tell you these custom department people terrify me now, i don't want to be bombarded with a big amount paid as custom duty. Ahh i'll talk about that later. Let move back to the review :)

So i had three cleansing brushes in my mind, Clarisonic, this one and Olay one. Now i have told you the reason for Clarisonic, the Olay one is just a rotating brush not a vibrating one so i finally choosen this one :D Let zoom in to find more about this brush:


The cleansing brush with the device and batteries comes nicely packed in a white card paper box. The backside of the box has details including technical guide, basic information plus quick start guide. The device is in white color, is little smaller than my palm and good quality. It has on-off button on one side and has opening on bottom for batteries, Pull the white cap to open, place the batteries and push it back to close. There is one brush head included in the kit, which you need to fix on the device to use it. The brush head is made of super fine quality bristles, it's very soft and dense, which helps to clean the skin nicely without hurting at all.

Technical Guide

Quick Start Guide

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review & Pictures 

How it works:

To use it, firstly fix the brush head on the device and wet it before use. Now wet face & spread facewash on entire face avoiding eye area. Switch on the device and start working on face in circular motion. The device has only one speed option :) as you switch it on, it starts to vibrate thus making the soft bristles clean your facial skin gently but thoroughly. On the quick start guide, it's mentioned to use it maximum for 1-2 minutes not more than that. While cleansing make sure you use this device with light pressure and don't hold it on one place, keep it moving else you know over doing anything also gives bad results, it may over clean your skin making it sensitive there. Be careful with the timing and what i just mentioned, to get the good results.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review & Pictures 

Who can use it:

I have a dry-sensitive skin which is prone to allergies, i don't have acne issues. This brush is advertised as a tool to clean acne prone skin, but frankly anybody can use it specially those who have a sensitive skin. A brush is suppose to clean your skin, if you have acne prone skin use a suitable cleanser according to your skin type and so on.

What it does:

This deep cleansing brush works with 4000 micro orbits technology, it super soft bristles works gently on the skin and give you a clearer, softer, smoother and more radiant skin everytime. I have been using this brush regularly from last 30 days, in this meantime i have noticed improvement in my skin texture it is way softer and smoother. It's only thirty days now, I'm sure with long time use it will show more visible results. The cleansing brush also easily removes white heads from my nose and it's corner, i tell you my nose never felt that smoother and polished ever :D  It is suppose to be used once everyday, i use it religiously in my night time cleansing routine. After wash it instantly gives me that radiant, thoroughly cleansed skin everytime and helps to remove any trace of makeup from the pores which you'll never be able to clean with a makeup remover or cleansing milk. Seriously on the  first use, i was shocked to see, the amount of foundation it removed from my skin(which was already cleaned with a makeup remover). The thoroughly cleansed skin, absorbs the skincare products more effectively and thus shows the better result.

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review | Indian Beauty Blog

Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review & Pictures , Facial Cleansing brushes available in India, Indian beauty blog, Skincare routine, Indian makeup and beauty blog, Milliondollarlooks makeup and beauty blog by makeupmirrornme, Proactiv skincare range, Deep cleansing brush
Proactiv Deep Cleansing Brush Review & Pictures 

Some important things, you should know:

1. Replace the brush head after every six months
2. After cleansing routine, always clean the brush head with anti bacterial wash to avoid the bacteria from collecting in it
3. Too long use of the brush may make skin over dry or sensitive, never use it more than two minutes
4. Use it only once a day either in morning or night routine

Availability & Affordability:

The brush can easily be bought from Proactiv representative and it's also available online. In India the brush is priced for 2050/-INR which i think is quite decent, looking at the quality and work it does or shall i say, it quite inexpensive compared to the famous Clarisonic range though i am not comparing the two as i have not used the later one.


1. Inexpensive
2. Good quality and travel friendly
3. Good for all skin type specially sensitive skin
4. Works with 4000 micro bit technology
5. Super soft bristles, that reaches every corner of face
6. Gives you smoother, softer and radiant skin
7. Improves skin overall quality and texture with long time use
8. Removes white heads
9. Thoroughly removes makeup(even any trace of it) from the face


1. Longer use may over dry skin
2. Not available everywhere

Overall Rate:


Verdict: If you are looking to add a good cleansing brush in your skincare routine, it's definitely worth investment for the price. I haven't used clarisonic so can't compare the two but it sure it a good investment for your skincare and very easy on pocket as well. Recommended!

I hope you find this review helpful enough, let me know what do you think, in the comment section below.

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