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The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box Review, Unboxing & Pictures

The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box Review | MillionDollarLooks Makeup & Beauty Blog

Hey Everyone,

Few days back i received The Nature's Co. January Beauty wish box, the theme for January month is "Back to Shape", so the box oops it is a beautiful tote bag came filled with some awesome skin care goodies that help you get a toned and healthy skin & body. Let see what all came in this bag:

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The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box Review

First, a Little about January"Back to Shape" beauty wish box:

New year's resolutions are a bit like babies: They are fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain and one of the most common is getting fit an healthy, where people totally avoid consuming candies, cookies, sweets just to lose inches of weights. We see people joining gyms and fitness club just to keep their resolutions going. But they hardly end up going to the gym even for the entire first month of year. Our January "Back to Shape" Beautywish box is dedicated to all those who have resolute to loose weight and wanting a taut firm and healthy body.

January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box oops Bag is a lovely, big size, paisley printed, bright color tote bag with brown color straps. I really liked the bag, it's good quality, foldable and perfect to carry your gym essentials :)

A bright color paisley printed, foldable tote bag!

The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box

There are total six products added in "Back to Shape" Beautywish Box:

1. Green Clay Body Wrap:

Get beautiful skin on more than just your face. Green clay body wrap firms and tones your entire body, eliminating excess fluids and toxins leaving you with a taut, healthy body. Smear the clay onto your body or on only specific problem areas twice a week; keep it on for 10-15 minutes or until dry. For better results. use a warm cotton cloth and cover the areas where clay has been applied. The warmth will open up pores and let the clay act as a sponge to further remove toxins and fluids. Rinse with warm water.

The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box Review

2. Cinnamon Bath Salt:

Cinnamon apparently has the effect of thinning your blood thereby increasing blood circulation. So go ahead and soak in this spicy-scented, pampering bath treat. Cinnamon with its antibacterial properties, relieves pain, stiffness of muscles and joints and stimulates blood circulation. Increased blood flow generally boost metabolism resulting in natural weight loss. Feel the stress and fat melt away- sprinkle a generous amount into running bath water or an indulgent soak.

3. Laminaria Anti-cellulite cream: 

Try this simple work out for youthful, firm, even and smooth skin. Laminaria anti-cellulite cream is packed with regeneration qualities that stimulates the skin's metabolism, eliminates excess fluids and restores your skin's firmness. Apply or massage it in an upward direction where the cellulite has accumulated, either after bath, a workout or at night daily.

A full size Laminaria Anti-cellulite cream

4. Sea fennel re-firming lotion:

This lotion is brimming with minerals and vitamins that naturally gives it re-firming abilities. This lotion provides wholesome skin sustenance giving your skin a worked-out, firm and toned look. Use it daily to moisturize and tone. Massage into your skin using circulation motions. For best results concentrate on problem prone areas like the thighs, hips. stomach and upper arm.

The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box

5. Neroli stretch mark cream:

Stretch marks make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about your appearance. This cream will stimulate cell regeneration, reduce stretch marks and protect from further damage. It will repair and visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks by maximizing elasticity. Massage it over specific area or wherever needed.

The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box

6. Focus anti-aging cream:

This cream will give you a healthy, firm and younger looking skin. Rich with ingredients like sea weed and marine plant extracts that contain natural anti-aging properties. It will reduce wrinkles and prevent fine lines from forming further.

The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box Review

I am really happy with the amount of samples, they have added in this "Back to Shape" box. As i mentioned above, there are total six products in which there is one full size product, three travel size and two sample size products. The Laminaria anti-cellulite cream is a full pack product. This beautywish would be like a god sent beauty box for anyone looking to be in "back to shape" as it have so many product samples for helping you get back in shape to a healthy body, toned and firm skin. I liked how The Nature's Co are quite generous with the sample sizes, as these would last for sometime so that you could use and see the difference and then buy the full product. My favorite among these are Green Clay Body Wrap & Cinnamon bath salt :) am excited to try the body wrap..I wish it was included in full size lol.

The Nature's Co January "Back to Shape" Beauty Wish Box Review

Also there was this discount voucher with a promotional code to avail 35% discount, when you buy the full size products. I am so going to use this ;)

Price: 595/- INR for a month subscription. Book your's here.

Overall Rate: 5/5

Verdict: Overall The Nature's Co. January "Back to Shape" Beautywish box is a perfect bag of goodies with some amazing products samples to help you achieve a healthy, firm and toned skin and body. There are total five samples and one full size product. I love how they have been so generous with the size of the samples. Oooh and not to forget the cute and big tote bag in which all these goodies came packed in. Overall am happy to get this "Back to Shape", a thumps up from me! Definitely recommended!

*PR sample send for review/consideration. My review is unbiased and totally based on my personal experience with the product/sample.
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