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Select CITYWALK: A Shopping Heaven for Makeup Junkies

Select CITYWALK: A Shopping Heaven for Makeup Junkies | MillionDollarLooks Makeup & Beauty Blog

We girls love our lipsticks and makeup as much as Diamonds. It may  not come for a price tag as expensive as diamonds, but that does not mean we love them any lesser. I love day dreaming..about my little makeup dresser..extending and growing everyday with tons of makeup..All the precious brands from Dior to Lancome..there.. on my dressing table :) Do you wish to get access to all your favorite makeup brands..from the high end to the premium and the luxury ones? What if I say you can fulfill all your makeup needs, want, desires and lust..all at one destination! Yeah you heard me right! I am talking about Select CITYWALK.

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Select Citywalk: A Shopping Heaven for Makeup Junkies

If you are living in a lavish metro city, You might think that we can access these brands easily. I know right! But what I am talking here, is getting all that on your makeup wishlist at one place. Select CITYWALK is an ultimate shopping destination and a must visit place. If you are a tourist and wanna shop your heart out while you enjoy your stay at Delhi..Make sure you have Select CITYWALK listed in your must visit places in Delhi :) I did a detailed post about Select CITYWALK sometime back, do check it out for more information.

But today am not going to talk about shopping as a whole(i made it clear with the post title right) in Select CITYWALK. We will talk about Makeup, makeup more makeup and only makeup :)
Select CITYWALK is a Makeup Heaven! Yess a makeup heaven..a wonderland for all the beauty addicts..where all your makeup wishes comes true! You name it and you get that brand here. No matter whether you are a princess on a budget or a queen who loves luxury makeup! You get everything on your makeup list here at Select CITYWALK either it is a product from a brand that you just need, want, desire or something you have been lusting for a while. I assure you won't go empty handed. Instead I suggest you to makeup a to-buy list..so that you may not end up breaking your bank balance :)

Most of the drugstore makeup brands are easily available at any beauty stores, so I am not listing them. I will talk about upmarket brands with limited access. you can get them here at Select CITYWALK. But still..i want to mention Lakme and Colorbar(though can be bought easily anywhere) because they do have flagship stores here at Select CITYWALK, so you may want to check out them (for the makeup products.. you find out of stock usually at counters). Then there is Inglot store opposite Sephora, they are well known for their professional quality makeup range and lipsticks. Talking about Sephora aka the mecca for all we makeup and beauty junkies :) The store is huge with friendly staff. You will be spoilt with choice..so go prepared. They have so many skincare, makeup brands available and have a separate section for perfumes.  Brands such as Makeup Forever(MUFE), Sephora makeup range, NYX, Ciate nail polishes, The face shop, Soap & Glory, Benefit, Stila and many more are available at Sephora.

Inglot Flagship store

Sephora at Select CITYWALK

If you are looking for high end brand stores..Once you Come out of Sephora..just walk a few steps forward and there you are at Bobbi Brown flagship store. Premium makeup brands such as MAC, Estee Lauder, stores are close by each other so you don't have to hunt for them :) The S.As and MUAs & staff are helpful, specially i would mention the Sephora staff is really friendly and helpful.. So take your time discovering and trying makeup in these stores at Select CITYWALK and go back home happy!

 MAC Store at Select CITYWALK

Estee Lauder, Chanel & Bobbi Brown Flagship Stores at Select Citywalk

Lancome Store at Select CITYWALK, Saket

Talk about luxury makeup and i have a unending lust list :) Chanel and Lancome also have there flagship stores located at Select CITYWALK :) So remember where to head when you want to splurge on luxury makeup next time!

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