Saturday, June 13, 2015

New in my Wardrobe... from DressLink

New in my Wardrobe... from DressLink | Indian Fashion Blog

Remember my Dresslink wishlist post that i did sometime back :) I picked up a few pieces from my wishlist along with other clothes that i liked on the website. is a China based clothing website that ships worldwide. They offer a range of not only fashion clothing but also accessories and other stuff. If you are on a budget and want to shop some fashionable but inexpensive clothes, then this website is a must check out.

This is what all i received in my mail, have a look:

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New in my Wardrobe... from DressLink 

Ripped look jeggings:

Okay so got two of these in colors Blue & Grey. Well on Dresslink  I liked the grey jegging image  more but actually the blue one is better. These jeggings have a ripped look(yeah not actually ripped only print) which actually looks very real on blue one, but grey one is not any closer :) but anyways they are so can't complaint.

Workout Pants in Black:

These are my favorite from the bunch. This has 'Work Out' printed on one leg in big and bold letter. It is comfortable and has a great fit.

Slim fit Dress:

It fits perfectly and the fabric quality is decent for what you pay.

Black long skirt:

It's knitted and has a long slit at the back. Quality it okay-ish only, not great but i liked it..Okay for that dirt cheap price :)

So anything here that caught your attention? Check out Dresslink for more fashion forward yet inexpensive clothing.

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