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The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet CO-Q10 Review, Pictures & Price

The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet CO-Q10 Review, Pictures & Price | MillionDollarLooks Makeup & Beauty Blog

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The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet CO-Q10 Review, Pictures & Price

Hi Everyone,

Skin Care is really important during Monsoon because the sudden change in weather can cause a lot of skin issues. Specially if you have sensitive skin like just need to be more careful in this season. Face mask sheets are an easy, quick and great way to instantly boost skin cells as these sheets are drenched in skin benefiting essences. I will show you The Face Shop sheet mask C0-Q10 today, let's zoom in to know more:

What Brand says:

A lifting mask sheet providing smooth and light absorption and intensive efficacy of co-Q10 (coenzyme Q10).

Price: Rs.110/- for 22 ml

Shelf Life: 36 months


Made in Korea

My experience with this face mask sheet:

The face mask sheet has cream color paper sachet packaging. On the backside information like price, description, direction and ingredients are provided. I liked it's simple packaging!

CO-Q10 Face Mask Sheet comes drenched in liquid essence that has water light consistency. Oh I love it's light refreshing's heavenly and so relaxing. The Size of mask sheet was quite big for my face so didn't fitted properly, else I could have added a picture of myself wearing that :D There's so much extra quantity of the essence that was left in sachet, which you can anyways use on any other part of your body :) I applied that leftover on my neck and hands :D

The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet CO-Q10 Review

The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet CO-Q10 Review

In a minute after application, this face mask sheet begins to tighten and hugs your face. You feel that cooling effect as soon as you apply it. The face mask sheet can be kept for 15-20 minutes as directed on the packaging. But it depends how long you want to keep it on, like in my case i prefer using sheet mask at night time when i have plenty of time for pampering. I kept this for about 30 minutes on my face to let the essence absorbed by my facial skin. In this much time, skin actually absorbed almost whole of the sheet essence, though the sheet won't dry completely.

After removing the mask sheet, I noticed my face still looked damp and bit sticky, that's because of the extra amount of essence left on face, you can simply rub it into your skin or just wipe off with a tissue and the stickiness will go off.

Coming to what it does? Well this one helped to deeply moisturize my skin, making it look refined, radiant, hydrated and bouncy thus it does improves skin elasticity. This face mask sheet from The Face shop would be suitable for all skin types, specially dry skin because no matter what skin types, our skin need proper hydration that further helps in maintaining skin elasticity.The effect lasted on my skin for say about two days, but you can use it weekly to maintain the results :)

I think the price though it's only a one time use mask, is pretty decent as it contains only skin benefiting essences.

Available at: Sephora Select CITYWALK, Delhi

Overall Rate: 4.5/5

Verdict: The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet CO-Q10 is a nice hydrating mask that provides deep nourishment to the skin and gives you beautiful radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types. A good to try product, recommended!

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